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Hissy, You Were So Right!

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Hissy, you said to watch out, that ferals seem to have some sort of communication network. "Shadow," as we named him, is around regularly now. Just today a very pregnant grey cat turned up - well, at least this is the first time we've seen her. It's not the same as the grey female I'd seen before. Don't know where she's nesting, but I have a feeling we're going to have another batch of kittens to deal with!

Hubby came in today after we saw the pregnant female, looked at me and said in a very tired and resigned way, "And we're going to get all these cats spayed and neutered?" He's right - I think it's time we finally contact the local animal rescue and/or humane society - maybe they can help with funds or resources of some sort.
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I think ferals have a radar for kind hearted people. So, this is a sure sign of what great folks you and your husband are!

I think you are wise to let others help you handle the situation!
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So many kitties!
Hope that things work out well for this new little momma! Any sightings recently?

Bet you didn't know that Shadow put up that big old invisible kitty welcome sign on your roof!
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Hi! Well, Shadow's around regularly, although he slips by in our peripheral vision. Julius (the orange kitten, neutered) and Spooky (runt of the litter, not yet neutered) still live nearby and are here every day. Grey tiger mom that was very pregnant we haven't seen but once or twice, although she probably had her litter somewhere. We haven't seen "Dad" or "Mommie" recently. I think Mommie is gone since being spayed. There's now another black & white pretty regularly, and a mottled grey we've seen a few times. We put out a lot of food now, and it all disappears. We put out technically enough for 10 cats. We only leave it out for about two hours in the evening, but due to hubby's recent back surgery I don't spend much time out there yet, so I don't really know who all is coming by! I just know we've got more cats that need to be trapped - we've only got rabies certificates for three of them so far.

Spooky is still too small to get neutered. We'll probably wait to trap him until we get Lazlo and Shelly neutered (they were all from the same litter), which should be in about another month or so.

Thanks for asking!

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