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Tika's Home!

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Here's a pic of our new Serengeti, Tika. Shes about 16 weeks old. She's got some good spots and a nice racing stripe. Bit lighter than our charcoal serengeti Myah. So far she's a hit with the rest of the clan. I can't wait till she "gets a face"!
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Gets a face? That is an absolutely adorable face!!
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She is so pretty
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Look at that little pixie nose!!! she is soooo cute
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Awwwwww she's a little cutie!!

What does " Get a face "mean?
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Awww shes precious

Id like to know what is "get a Face" too ....
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We have found when kittens are real young they're a bit less photogenic than when they become young adults. Their features mature and they take on a more pronounced expression. The Mrs.first used the term with Beau our young male Bengal. Boy she was right. He lit right up once he lost his baby fur. Our female bengal Chaka looked like Eddie Munster when she was a kitten. We we're kind of dissapointed a bit. But the day came when she "Got a Face"... What a swan she turned into! Kittens sure are cute the way they play and jump around. Tika's having a ball teaching our cats how to dash around the house. She's a joy.
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Chaka gets a face!

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Chaka got a beautiful face!
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aww soooooooooo gosh darn cute!!!!!!
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Very lovely!
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