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wet food (long)

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Ok so my cat Monte is now 2 years old and he has had ear problems since we got him. He came to us with really bad ear mites and after we got that taken care of he was always getting ear infections and I had to clean his ears twice a week. Finally my vet suggested a dermatolagist to find out why he ears keep producing so much waxy build up. When we first visited the derm. they did a very deep cleaning of his ears and put him on a speacial diet of rabbit and green pea formula food. At first he didn't like the dry food so I got the wet food and he loved it. 6 weeks later they look at his ears and say try him back on his orginial food to see his ears get back again, suggesting a food allergy but when I switched him back to the wet food that he was eating, he sniffed it and walked away, so we tried a different brand, different flavor. After about six different cans, I said this is crazy, lets just keep him on the rabbit and green pea, it's expensive but he loves it. He has started eating the dry rabbit and pea formula throughout this whole process. So I got him more of the rabbit and pea food and they tell me to try this other brand that has a rabbit formula and it's a little cheaper. The pet store had to order a case of it and so they suggested that I try the venison and green pea. I did, Monte wasn't interested in it. So, I just opened up the rabbit wet food and he wasn't interested in that either. So now he is no longer interested in the canned food, he has just been eating the dry. Any suggestions or reasons why you think this is happening, or suggestions on what I should try next. thanks, sorry it's so long. Thanks for the suggestions.
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Hi and welcome to the forum!!!

Cats get bored with food very quickly especially with wet food, IMO. The question is, once you've tested all this food, did his ear infections come back now that he's only on the dry?
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Yes his ears got better that's why they told me to switch back to his regular food to see if his ear problems come back. They are trying to find out if it's a food allergy or enviromental allergy. He could be bored but on Monday I was at work and I called home and told my boyfriend to just give him the rabbit formula because he wasn't eating the others, Monday night is when I went back to the derm. and told them what was going on and they said just to give him what he'll eat because they are stubborn and will make themselves sick before they'll eat something they don't "like" or want. So maybe he just doesn't want wet food anymore, I don't know. At least he's eating I guess.
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Sorry, no his ears are still good, it's only been about a weeks since we switched his food, but he's still on the rabbit formula dry food because I have a huge bag of it and it was really expensive. He's on the dry food because that's only what he'll eat right now, not my choice, his.
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If he's okay with the dry and isn't getting any more ear infections then you could be in the clear. Make sure he drinks plenty of water with dry. Keep monitoring for a while longer. If your vet's okay with it then leave it alone!
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ok, thanks for the suggestions.
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What was the original food ??? wet and dry please ... rabbit is a low allergen food if you baby is doing okay then read the bag and tell me what is in it
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He was eating Iams dry and then later on we started giving him Friskies wet. Now he's on the Royal Canin rabbit and green pea dry and canned, well not canned anymore since he won't eat it, hehe. Here is what is in the Rabbit formula dry: Ground peas, rabbit meal, rabbit, pea protein, canola oil, rabbit digest (that sounds gross), calcium sulfae, dicalcium phosphate, salmon oil, dl-methionine, choline chloride, sodium chloride, l-lysine, potassium citrate, phosphoric acid, vitamins [dl-alpha-tocopherol (source of vitamin e), l-ascorbyl-2-poyphosphate (source of vit c), niacin, inositol, vitamin a supplement, thiamine mononitrate (vit B1), D-calcium pantothenate, and some more vitamins. Is that enough? Since the vet said that he could go back to his old food, should I try and give him his old dry food as well? I'm fine with giving him this, he has been licking his booty a lot lately and they said that could be a sign of allergies too, environmental or food. I know I could just call them. I asked my regular vet. and she said just feed him the dry if he wants, he doesn't have to eat the wet and I realize that I'm just wondering why he would all of a sudden not want the wet food. I don't know, maybe he's just a goofy cat.

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If he isnt doing well with the rabbit , he may be allergic to rabbit but likely the peas//// see Iams is chn by prodcut and corn based
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no, he is fine on the rabbit. But it's expensive, i was looking for something else but if he has to keep eating the Rabbit to feel good then that's what I'll get him, I heard that you don't really want to feed them "by-products" how true that is, I don't know. Someone at school told me that, I just took it with a grain of salt.
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