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ebay question

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I have something on ebay up for sale with a buy it now price. I have one guy who lives about 10 minutes away from me who would like to come over & see the item on Wednesday night. I just received another email from a different guy offering me $50.00 less than what I have it up for on the buy it now option. How do you handle this type of situation? Let them fight for it?
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Okay, well first, I have no experience with selling on e-bay, only buying, but I can tell you what I would do in that situation....I would first decide if I was willing to take $50 less than the Buy it now price. Then if I was, I would first tell this person who is offering you $50.00 less, that you have someone coming over to look at this item, and they may want to bid on it for a higher price, so you want to wait until this person sees the item, and decides on whether or not they wish to bid on it, before taking him up on his offer. If you aren't willing to sell it for $50 less, then I would just tell him you would rather take your chances with the bidding, because you are hoping to get a little more than that.
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I wouldn't take less then you are offering for the item. The buy it now price is the least amount you'd be willing to take. I would tell the $50.00 less person that you have someone that is interested in the item and you have to give everyone a fair chance to bid on it. If he really wants it then he can use the buy it now price or he can take his chances bidding. Don't tell the $50.00 less guy that the other person is coming to see the item or it might not look good and he might say you and the one coming over are friends and are working to gether to drive up the price.
Personal experience from selling on Ebay...
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What's the item? Just being nosey.
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a 125g aquarium
Jugen, I may have the same person who is coming over on Wednesday, interested in the 600g!
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Wonderful! but like I said, don't tell the other person that the first one is coming over. Just tell him what I said in the other post..Ok???
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comprendo (sp)
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actually(shhh don't tell anyone LOL!) Brad told me what he would do in that case since he sells on Ebay more then I do.. he also said that he'd definately would let the guy come and see the tanks. Maybe you can offer him a package deal....(that's my idea LOL!)
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I'd go with what Barb said, because like I said, I have no experience with selling on e-bay, only buying, so I was just guessing on what would be a good thing to do! Her advice sounds much better!
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STOP IT! you're going to make me blush!
You're such a sweet person and the advice you gave is good too!
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Awwww shucks.... You're too kind!!! LOL.

Seriously, though...I really think your advice was way better than mine...I hadn't thought about how someone might think she was just trying to jack the price up by saying someone else was coming over to see it.
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Now stop it! I'm telling you, I'm blushing as we speak.
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This person is pesty. He emailed me again saying "cant blame me for trying" and up'd it to $475. I said no, and that I have others inquiring about it, which is the truth. I have 3 other people asking about it.
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I'm on ebay - Buying and Selling ALL THE TIME.

Note: An ebay auction is a legally binding contract!

If you do not sell the item to the hightest bidder you are in breach of this contract.

My advice, if you want to sell the item to someone else other than your high bidder... TAKE THE ITEM OFF EBAY!

You will be a lot safer doing it this way, thus avoiding pissed off bidders and or winners.

(If the bidder wins, and you don't deliver - they WILL leave you negative feedback)!

Let me know how this turns out!
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I would let the auction run its course. If the guy coming over to see it makes a bid, great! If the guy that keeps trying to get you to come down makes a bid, great! But, don't sell for less than what you have it up for. He's trying to rip you off! Plus, it's against the rules to contact a seller and try to buy a currently running item outside of eBay. Naughty, naughty!
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Glad to see you're an honest ebay seller....

You would be surprised how many rotten sellers I've run into over the years!!

Keep up the good work!!

(Good Luck!)
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