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keeping kittie in

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hi guys,
I'm looking for some ideas on how to keep one cat indoors and let other have the freedom he's used to. Is it possible.
OK...charlie is 13 months old and we've had him from 8 weeks. We got a cat flap and although he doesnt go out very much he does like to be able to come and go as he pleases and makes a fuss if he cant. We now have arthur who is 12 weeks and have realised he is deaf..so for his own safety he cant go out. Thats been ok up until now but he has learnt how to use the cat flap and I've had to block it off. Now do I get rid of the flap altogether and will Charlie adjust to been an indoor cat. I have thought about getting one of those infra red cat flaps so that only charlie can get in or out bit theres the worry that arthur will follow close up behind him and get out. Any ideas welcome please!!
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In theory you could use a magnetic cat flap and put a magnet only on the cat you want to be able to go out. But in practice the other one may learn how to get through by following him. You can also get catflaps that use the cat's microchip, but you face the same problem of Arthur following Charlie through it. I can't think of an alternative except to keep them both indoors.
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Since Charlie is still young I would try to make them both indoors only for their safety and your piece of mind.
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