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Such a helper!

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My daughter probably wouldn't be able to stitch anything without Lynx's help. Putting his head up in her way to see the design better, batting and playing with the thread as she pulls it through the cloth..... Such a good little helper!

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I like to think of my cats as supervisors...making sure Im doing all things right
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How cute! It's so funny how they think we need their assistance with everything isn't it?
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Awwwww I wish my cats would teach me how to stitch!
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Aww, what a sweetie!
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Lynx what a clever little helper you are
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Aww, what a great picture. Kitties really are great helpers and supervisors, aren't they?

Shadow doesn't show any interest in the fish tanks but Charlotte and Everest have to supervise everything that I do.

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I've had "helpers" like that.
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How cute!!
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Thank goodness she has such a good helper!!! Imagine how it would turn out without her help?! What a handsome little devil you have there...
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Thank you. Little devil fits him pretty well.
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Mine love to help out too! They have to be the center of everything.
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