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Has anyone needed a Tobie fix? i.e. Tobie pics enclosed...

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Well, I haven't been online much lately because I've been very busy. I have missed this place!

I know that all kittens are popular, but I seem to remember a few who LOVED Tobie, so here's a thread to fix you up for a while.

Remember when he was this cute little boy?

And before he had to say goodbye to his last sibling, his sister Sofia...

And being unsuitable to be seen by female kitties...

But now he spends a lot of family time, suckling both mother AND father (and Godiva as well).

Momma Sneakers finally has time to rest and pursue her own interests again.

While Tobie is developing cattitude...

I hope you enjoyed. I probably won't be posting very much again for a while... I miss you all!
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I cannot believe how big he has gotten! It just seems like last week when he was born. Tobie was a very adorable as a baby but he is absolutely growing into such a handsome boy!
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He's a lady killer for sure! (If he had the chance, that is...)

His fur gets thicker by the day, and more white shows through. His fur isn't tipped like a chinchilla, but it is white at the base up until the last few millimeters or so, which makes me think he's a smoke. He's so unusual looking. The vet doesn't even know what to name his coloring. He already weighs more than his 4.5lb mom.

Thanks for the compliments... but don't give him too many, he's already getting a big head and cattitude like his daddy.
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OMG that last pic is classic - in fact - I think it should be a sig and will try to do something with it in the near future
Are you subjecting that poor kitten to chemistry homework?
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Yes, pharmacology homework!

You are welcome to make a sig. Feel free to come up with a clever quote or something.
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Lovely to see him again He is growing to be a beautiful cat.
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He is just darling such a beautiful color to
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He's adorable
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Good to see you AND the kits! Tobie is just gorgeous! Adorable as a kitten and amazing and so unique as a growing boy. Mama sure looks happy to be able to do her own thing now.
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Yea!!! I was sooooo excited to see more pictures of that gorgeous little guy!!!!
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He is so gorgeous!
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Originally Posted by Godiva View Post
But now he spends a lot of family time, suckling both mother AND father (and Godiva as well).
This photo is just PRECIOUS!!!!! Tobie is such a handsome boy, he truly is I think he is getting better looking as he gets older if that's at all possible!!!!!

Thanks for sharing, these are great
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What a pretty kitty They all are
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Tobie your certainly growing up to be one handsome little boy!!!

Don't stay away too long
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he's the sexiest kitty of the year!! love those eyes
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Anyone got a cute quote for this funny kitty's siggy?
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Awww What a charming little fella I think he was born around a week or so after my little ones
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He is gorgeous! I love his colors!
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Perhaps it should go the in "caption this picture" forum. Any mods willing to help us out?

I can't think of anything... perhaps something along the lines of, "You never feed me, so give me some food now!" Or "stop putting that darn camera in my face! See, I will just make myself ugly if you persist." Or perhaps something related to a candid camera-like quote... "Tobie is shocked when he realized the camera caught him suckling his own father."

Okay, those were really dumb. I am not a writer. I'm a science person.

BTW, anyone know what his official color is? I am thinking a long-haired muted (color?) smoke.
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awe he is just tooo cute o my goodness such a pretty boy
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That last pic made me laugh out loud. The look on his face is just adorable.
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Godiva, I've been away forever too!!! It's so good to see your beautiful kitties once again...Tobie's a KNOCK-OUT kitten! That last pic is absolutely hysterical!
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