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is this a UTI

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My boyfriend and I recently brought his 7 yr old ocicat Lucky to our home . He had been staying with my boyfriends mother for about a year (since my boyfriend moved out). I didnt want to bring him into this space that we live in because it is quite small and I didnt want to cause upset between all of my cats and him .

I decided to bring lucky home with us about a week ago because I didnt feel like my boyfriends mother was taking proper care of lucky. He had fleas and I often came over and saw a stinky litter box that looked like it hadnt been cleaned in a week.

I have three other cats who are all related. Mom and two babies. The are all 1 and two yrs old. They are nice and then aggressive towards lucky. Its like they are two faced.

I noticed that lucky pees along the entrance to his litter box and his urine looked slightly orange tinted. Then it would look normal for a couple of days and then slightly orange. Then this morning when I got up it looked red . And later when I cleaned his litter box I wiped his urine up and it most defintely looked like there was blood on the paper towel.

Could this be cause from stress or is this most likey a UTI? I told my boyfriend that he is taking his cat to the vet tomorrow one way or another.

I am very worried about him now after reading info on line.
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It sounds like a little blood in the urine which could be. Cats also get stressed super easily. So the move and the fact that he now lives with other cats may just have stressed him out and now he got an infection. I agree with taking him to the vet. Hopefully all goes well. If he pees sometime before you go to the vet, I would try to get some urine into a little baggie so they can test it.
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It never even occurred to me to put his urine in a baggie. I just wiped that up a couple minutes ago.
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It does sound like a UTI which could well be caused by stress. I'd definitely take him to a vet - it probably is hurting him to use the bathroom.
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we took him to the vet today and we caught his uti before it got really bad. He is on anitbiotics and the trip cost over 100 dollars but his health is priceless and I am very relieved that he is going ot be okay.
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