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Does anybody elses cat do this?

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Murphy loves to rip up paper...He will hold it down with his paws and rip it up with his mouth. It is hilarious. But one thing bad about it is that I have to make sure my homework or papers are put up or he will rip them up.
Just curious if any other furrbabies do it.
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Yes! Wonton loves to do that.. sometimes with paper, but always, ::always:: with paper towels. if you leave a whole roll out, when you come home at night the floor will be covered with white confetti :p now we know to keep papep towel rolls out of his reach.. but yeah, he'll try to shred anything - magazines, bills, passport applications....

I always wonder why they do it.. I mean most animal behaviours have a natural reason, right? What do they think they're doing, in shredding the paper?
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I figure since it is sometimes important documents that Murphy is trying to protect me from identity theft lol
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ALL of mine do it!!!
Corwin is famous for trying to rip the wallpaper too.
Napkins are the worst for mine to tear into shreds
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I think all cats love to shred paper Trout certainly does..
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Hmm i guess it is a normal behavior. None of my previous cats have ever done it before.
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Oh yeah my kitties love paper any kind of paper LOL anything they can get there paws on they will LOL
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My Wolf mix Ginger, LOVES to shread paper....I still haven't figured that one out lol
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Uhhh... yeah

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both Tiger and Miagi do it. I had to hide the cookbooks my mom ordered for Christmas presents so they didn't shred them up. Miagi surely did do it to my mom's last one. he messed up all the pages. and one time we just bought a newspaper and Miagi shredded the front page and there was a big hole in it. Tiger was shredding up a plastic bag the other day. (don't worry he didn't ingest any of the bag)
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yes and so does my dog
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My cats don't shred paper.
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heyu will rip up paper towels, not other types.
I had one cat that just loved to shred any newspaper she could find/
Made it hard to read it sometimes with her flying over and jumping on it, then trying to eat it.
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Dushka has paper ripping to a fine art - but she especially loves anything on my desk! I used to leave scrap for her but she prefers my documents. And I cannot leave things out in cardboard folders either - she takes those in her teeth and sits on them while she slowly pulls strips off. I think they love the noise, though she also goes for paper towels and toilet paper. The others only do it occasionally.
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