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Is Ox losing control of his bowels

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I have posted a few times about my senior Ox fairly recently.
I have mentioned that he hasn't used a litter box in years-he either stands by the door or I just pick him up and put him outside to do "his job"
Anyhow I don't know if its because the weather is getting colder but he had been peeing on the area rugs (only in kitchen)but in the past couple of weeks be has been pooping too. This morning for instance I came down to the kitchen and once again found several piles. They range from very hard to several (3-4) soft mounds. In fact after I fed time he did this in front of me and I heard him pass gas!!! Its not really stinky or discolored. I've tried the pumpkin thing last yr-didn't even eat any of it. His vet appt in Sept was good.
He doesn't do this every day but sometimes every two -three days. And I only find this in the morning so he must do this sometime between my going to bed.
And other things I could give him to firm this up??
I've been trying to clean this up before DH sees this or he will have Ox sleeping in garage at night (I still will have a mess).
Ox doesn't seen to realize this is wrong either. Could this just be age related as he will be 18 in March?? I feed him Chicken Soup for the Cat Lovers Soul he has eaten this food since February.
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I would call your vet and explain his symptoms. He could be incontinent, or he could have a UTI or kidney problems that are causing him pain. You may want to add a litter box inside to see if he'll use that instead of the floor (perhaps try the Cat Attract litter, which may be better since he's not used to using a litterbox). If it's happening at night, he may be having trouble holding it until morning.

If everything checks out with the vet, you can try adding fiber to his diet to see if that helps firm up the stools. I used Benefiber with Spot because it mixed in completely. You might also want to look into probiotics in case there is some digestive upset causing the problem.
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Could it be senility? Our tenants' dog is 14, and has forgotten housebreaking, and is as well exhibiting other odd behavior, like trying to sleep in the kitchen sink, or jumping out of windows. We had a dog who also became senile, and would become "trapped" in corners, because she forgot that she could back up or turn. She also had a lot of "accidents" in the house her last two years.
At Ox's age, his digestive system probably also isn't working as well as in the past.
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Sometimes I think its senility too as he doesn't seen to realize what he is doing. For instance I finished the bag of "his" food yesterday and I decided to take some of the other food I feed the cats out of their dishes and give to him in his dish-he ate it!!! What??? Hear I have been buying different food for him since last Sept!! Well I do have a small back up bag of the kind he was eating-I'll see how long this lasts. I had him in the garage the last two nights with no surprises either. After all he is about 88 in human years!!
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Ginger hadn't used a tray in years, but when he hit 14, he suddenly started going in the house, so I put a tray in the place he kept using, and he was happy using that. HE wouldn't use the tray that was already downstairs as he didn't like that litter, so I had to have one behind the TV and one next to teh TV!!
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