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"The McBethie Virus"

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It strikes without warning. First it leaps on to the back of my ++++++++ computer chair and perches over my head monitoring all screen activity. Then if slowly makes it way down my shoulder until it is positioned right in front of my sliding keyboard, ready to spring into action. Once it spots the cursor sliding across the screen it reaches out in its mischievous paw-like style and pushes the keyboard back into position under the computer table. Once the keyboard is again slid out to the working postiton, The McBethie Virus decides further action is now in order and it springs across the keyboard and leaps on to the computer desk making the Internet surfer temporarily blinded. It targets the moving objects on the screen and begins to play with the objects (such as it is doing now, and unless you are skilled a touch-typing, you can make a lot of errors)

Offering distractions does not work. Pencils roll but they are not nearly as fun as chasing text across a screen. Wads of paper are offered, but discarded soon because the computer is so much more interesting to "The McBethie Virus" Nothing is safe while it is o0ut and about (much like it now leaping onto my keyboard) If there is anyone out there who is wise and knowledgeable and can offer me an anti- McBethie Virus Detector, please email it NOW!
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I have Ripley virus that makes a similar appearance now and then!
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That is soooo funny!!!!:LOL: :LOL::LOL:
I'm surprised you can get anything done at all with that McBethie Virus attacking your computer!!! At my house we have the Snowball Virus which is less active but appears quite frequently!
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that was so great. i think you are such a talented writer. what a cute story. i really enjoyed it. i have the amber virus right now...she is nursing,and i am typing with one hand..so no caps or explanation points, or smilies. this was really cute, and if i could add a smilie, i would111.
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This seems to be akin to the Rowdy virus. The only software that seems to work is StarKist 2002 and that's just temporary.
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Thank God we don't seem to have a computer-attacking virus! Sorry, no known cure.

One thing for sure, I agree with Debby. You are a very creative writer - you just seem to be talented and creative all the way around!

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Wow! That virus seems like it has a mind of it's own! Try Norton Antivirus 2002 or McAfee antivirus. If all else fails, try rattling the kibble box right near the computer and then run off with it. I think my computer has 3 similar viruses so I rang the Antivirus people and they said it could be fatal! They said, eventually my hard drive and top of my monitor will grow a furry lump on them and then I'll know it's time for the computer to go to computer heaven. :laughing2 :laughing: :laughing2 :laughing:
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Hard drive with a furry lump - picture that!:tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2:
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The only sure fire anti virus is a door to the computer room! LOL! She just wants you paying attention to her and not to us!
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Luckily, we have not encountered this type of virus with our computers. However, with everything I have heard of the MacBethie Virus, I don't think I would mind too much getting one of my own.
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