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Does anyone have a "Voice over Internet Protocol", or "digital phone" service? I"m thinking about joining with one when I move out, but am unsure about it's stability when it comes to 911 and the internet going down.
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Yep, we have VoIP and it's awesome!!!!! The quality is excellent and we have no internet issues.
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We had it, but then dumped it only because we both use cell phones as our main line...no one called us on the VoIP phone.

Last time I checked, the FCC was requiring that E911 be available on the VoIP phones for emergencies. This was suppose to be settled back in January of this year. I haven't seen anything since, but stick with the brand names and check before you order it (if they have 911 services).
The only downside with VoIP is that since its dependent on your internet connection, if that goes down (cable outage, power outage, etc) then you can't call anyone. Including 911 services, so keeping a regular telephone line handy (or your neighbors house) might be a good idea.
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We had it and liked it (Vonage)- you have to register your number for the 911 thing and it is still an issue when the power goes out. The Vonage website has lots of info on the 911 issue. You should probably have a cell phone as well. We switched to Comcast digital voice, which we also like. It doesn't matter if the power goes out with digital voice, but it is twice as expensive.
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The one I'm looking at is based here in Ontario, it's called Cogeco. It says that it has 911 available, but I'm wondering how reliable it is. I'm looking for a way to make my life cheaper, since I know phone bills can get rediculous. They don't offer calling outside of north america, but I don't know anyone outside north america. They also come with a power backup incase of power outtages...which is nice (8hours) and mom's going to be paying for a prepaid phone for me to have when driving and on campus late at night.
I'll look at digital voice. I thought they were the same thing.
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