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i posted earlier about whether my two cats were playing or fighting and people said it was playing although i'm not entirley convinced. Neko, my male neutered 2 year old siamese will play very roughly with Lily our 4 month old female not yet spayed siamese. Although she will initiate it by jumping on top of his head but Neko just will not let it go. He will flip her onto her back and push into her stomach and bite her then he'll lay down on the floor and rapidly kick her back or head with his feet. when he gets up from this she'll usually try to run away but he'll push her back down and bite. Then she will roll onher back with her feet in the air and he will dive straight into her stomach. they get in a ball and he spins her around and bites her. That's when she will start to make noises. they are not an outright scream but they are very different from a meow, it's kinda a choppy or gurgly and squeky meow. that's when Neko will grab her throat for a minute and then get off. Neko's pupils will be huge and his ears are back and he will stare right at her and she will be once again on her back with legs flailing in the air and then Neko will dive back into her harder and spin her then pull back and dive into her again and again until she manages to get away or someone stops Neko. So i was just wondering if this was normal or if it's aggresive. There has never been blood shed or hissing just the noise Lily makes. Oh and one more thing often when they are on the couch together and Lily jumps off Neko will grab the tendant in her back leg so she's hanging from his mouth. He only holds on for a minute. And when she walks past him he often gabs her back leg with his mouth. Thanks for any advice!