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How long before.......

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My cat has a UTI and I took her into the vet on SUnday. The vet prescribed her clavamox 2 times dailey. She was given a shot on sunday nighte, so the antibiotics would have been started monday morning. I did notice that she is no longer passing blood. But my concern is she is still straining when she urinates. How long until I see a "marked" improvement. It has only been 3 1/2 days for the medication. She is passing urine, but in very small amounts and very frequently. She does not appear to be in pain, as she does not make any noise during the litter box time. The vet prescribed it for 10-14 days. Am I expecting to much to see improvement yet? Please let me know

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Personally, I would have thought that by now you would be seeing marked improvement.

Perhaps you might want to ring up your vet and tell him/her that you are not seeing as fast a correction in the problem that you thought you would see.
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She has only been on the medication for a couple of days but I think that it's a good sign that she is no longer passing blood and isn't crying in pain when she is passing urine. As the days continue to go by her condition should steadily improve- just continue to monitor her condition and keep the meds up for at least the 10 day minimum prescribed by the vet (I'd be inclined to use it for 14 days to be sure).

Best wishes to her for a speedy recovery!

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She never did cry out in pain. She has been a trooper through this. So it is normal to see her still be straining a little bit only to pass a small amount of urine? I have seen improvement. When I first notcied something was wrong, I noticed blood in the urine. I also noticed that she seemed to sleep more. Today there is no blood, and she was actually playing for a bit today. I am sorry, its my first time with the urinary infection, and I love this cat to peices. Please bear with me.

When I took her in she did not have a temperature, so the vet said that I had caught it early. He also felt her abdomen, and said that her bladder was empty, so he said that it did not seem to be blocked.
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I'm sorry, I've never had to deal with one of my cats having a URI so I would go ahead and call the vet to see if her straining is normal.

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anyone else?
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The medication may be making her sleep more. It sounds as though the medication is working because as you say she is a bit more active. Keep a close eye on her (as you have obviously already been doing) and just make sure she eats so she doesn't go into liver failure. If she doesn't eat much on her own you could try hand-feeding her little bits as often as she'll eat.
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