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Where's the "what's for lunch" thread??

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I've been waiting for you guys to start to get hungry so I can tell you what I'm eating for lunch. Today was Turkey Day in our Caff!!!!
Trying to make you all jealous? Me? nooooooo.......
I had turkey, stuffing, candied sweet potatoes, red skin mashed potatos, corn, cranberry sauce, roll, and apple pie!!! I'm so stuffed....they're going to need to roll me away.
Of course after the triptofan (sp?) in the turkey I'll be sleeping at my desk in a little while.

Funny thing is my brother gets absolutely ticked and freaks out if anyone in our family has turkey a week or two before the holiday. He says that ruins the holiday. So me being the great big sister that I am - made sure to tell him what I had for lunch today.
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Naughty girl!

I ate early and had the heat and eat BBQ chicken. It was spicy enough to help break up some of my chest congestion.
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I only had some oatmeal. strawberries and cream and I mixed in peaches and cream, too. I don't think I will be eating lunch today, though as I have a nasty sinus infencton and can't really taste anything.
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Well, for my lunch I had a bowl of chicken soup, 10 squares of crackers, a 100 calorie packet of cheesies, and a parfait bowl of peaches.....
Nothing exciting!
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i had turkey dinner yesterday. It was tasty! and we are having our thanksgiving dinner in the office tomorrow. I LOVE turkey!!
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We ordered lunch here at work and it REALLY needs to get here already. I'm starving!

We ordered chicken sandwiches on sourdough with the works: avocado, sprouts, tomato, mayo, dijon mustard, lettuce, etc...

It comes with a Coke and the soup of the day, which today is clam chowder. YUMMY!
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I didn't have time to make my usual sandwich last night, so I had to settle for a michalina's lean gourmet turkey and vegatable frozen dinner. But I made my lunch salad last night when I made my dinner salad and poured my lunch milk when I poured my dinner milk, and on my way out the door I had time to throw in a banana and a cup of yogurt, so on the whole, not a bad lunch.
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After my biopsey today, I was sooooooo hungry, so my mom took me to pizza hutt since it was the closet resturant. I had cheese breadsticks & sauce (an appetizer) it was yummy!!!
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