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One or Two Options: What Would You Do?

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I previously posted that I couldn't find any available Ragdoll kittens. I've since been e-mailing two breeders, both of whom received words of praise from their references, which means a lot to me.

Here is my dilemma, though. One breeder will have two kittens for my husband and I to choose from, although neither will be the color my husband and I are most attracted to. The other breeder has two kittens in one of our favorite colors. (One is ready to go home now and, thus, isn't really an option because I need all my finances in a row before bringing home a kitty.) Thus, the second breeder technically has only one kitten available (he'll be ready months from now, when I can best afford him and all his necessities).

If in my shoes, what would you do? Would you want a choice between two kitties who aren't in your favorite color scheme ; or would you go with the color you want and figure that the kitty will become a loving family member, no matter what?

Thank you so much,

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Color never mattered to me with my 'mutt' kitties However, your point about finances is well taken. Personality and need are my criteria for new family members.
Good luck with your decisions! Let us know!
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Forgive me for being an idiot, because I have never dealt with obtaining a purebred cat before. I may be restating the obvious here.

Breeder #1: 2 kittens; both wrong color, but both available when you would want to get them.

Breeder #2: 1 "now" kitten, 1 "later" kitten; both right colors

I am assuming that you have to commit now, even if it is for later, so you are concerned about just taking #2's kitten without being able to decide if its personality, etc. suits you, whereas #1 would give you a choice between 2.

Yikes! That's tough! I guess that my advice would be to go with the one in the color you want. I'm assuming that all breeders pretty much work the same, i.e. you have to committ now. And if that is the case, someone else may commit to the other of #1's kittens, so you wouldn't get a choice anyway. Does this make sense?
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You summed up my ramblings quite nicely. That is my exact situation; you are the second person now to tell me to get on the waiting list for the kitten in the color we prefer. My gut is now telling me to follow this advice.

Thank you,

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I am moving this to the Breeders Forum where those who are knowledgeable in this subject can help you. Good luck- I can't give you advice, as I also deal in "mutt kittens"
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If my hubby and I ever decide upon getting a second cat, chances are good that we'd visit shelters first. I feel that after buying a cat who was produced specifically for a buyer's (my) wants, I'd like to balance the scales and rescue a loving baby on "death row," as my mom likes to so delicately put it. LOL

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Unfortunatly there is a post in this thread that had to be edited and replaced. The member who posted has turned off all access to enable myself or any other Moderator to privately let them know why it was done, as we do try to give a reasonble explination should editing a post be required. Therefore I am left with no other choice but to reiterate (hopefully as well), what Gaye posted a little while ago.

This forum is not and will not become a breeder bashing forum. We ALL know that there are plenty of cats who need homes, and I think it is fair to say that breeders on this board are acutely aware of that fact.
Secondly, should any more personnal attacks be made against anyone in this forum, veiled or otherwise, I will do my utmost to have that person banned from this forum, and failing that, the board in it's entirety.

Bashing is childish, and a waste of my time and those who wish to have genuine questions answered.
Should anyone wish to contact me regarding this post, specifically the person who had the edit job performed, my email is available in my profile.
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