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Does anyone else Volunteer?

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I am such a volunteer sucker.

I have a full time job with the Canadian Cancer Society and I also have 2 places I volunteer.

my first volunteering position is as a leader for Girl Guides of Canada which is once a week (Thursday 5:30 - 6:30) for girls ages 5 & 6 called "Sparks" Tonight we are learning about a different culture and are making a Mexican craft, playing a mexican game, and eating a mexican snack. The girls all call me Clover, which is a name they gave me.

My Second volunteering position is with the local Animal Shelter where I clean cat's cages, play with cats, walk dogs and bath dogs. It's whole bunches of fun but I have to change cloths befor I go home or my kitties are crazy jealous. I do this about 3 times a week.

Does anyone have a volunteering experiance they would like to share?
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Not currently. I approve of volunteering, and I've done it in the past, but right now I'm just not in a place where I can do that.

There are a good few people who volunteer here I think, though they probably spend most of their time on the more serious boards.
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I more or less do things here and there. Our church is in the planning stages of starting up a program similar to a girl and boyscouts, with Christain teachings. I grew up in the program at another church and would absolutely love to teach a class. I'm hoping I will be doing that very soon!

I've volunteered everywhere from music festivals to special Christmas Charity events, but nothing as long term as what I'm hoping to do.
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In the last 5-6 years I have spent literally countless hours volunteering for a large number of fundraising events and organizations.

I am very proud to say that I have helped, either directly or indirectly, to raise over a quarter million dollars for over a dozen different charities, in addition to private fundraising recipients, such as families that have lost their homes to fire, or lost loved ones in motorcycle accidents (when the breadwinner of the family gets killed, the family suffers in more ways than just the grief of the loss, the financial impact can be completely devastating.)

To name a few "names" that I've volunteered for, again, either directly or indirectly:

Muscular Dystrophy Association
Ronald McDonald House
American Cancer Society
American Red Cross
Helping Our Heroes

Also raised money for:
Breast Cancer Research
Children's Brain Cancer Research
Cerebral Palsy

I helped to found the Massachusetts Motorcyclists Survivors Fund ( and spent 5 years as a volunteer board member, and still volunteer to assist with their major fundraising event, which has netted approximately $35K each year for the last couple of years after expenses.

Thinking about everything I've done exhausts me, LOL, but I am just one of those that is driven to help others. I do it because I HAVE to, because I NEED to do it to help me feel good about myself. I think that volunteerism is one of the reasons why I am on this planet and am living this life.

And I applaud each and EVERY person who gives of their time and of themselves for charitable purposes.
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Wow, GingersMom, you are really active! Good for you!!! I wish I had time to do more, but it seems I can only do one thing at a time.

I just finished raising money for Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. I raised $$ in sponsors to run the Nike Women's Marathon. All together, our South FL chapter raised $300,000 and sent 25 runners to San Francisco (including me). For the marathon, LLS raised $16 MILLION dollars from TNT runners (like me). All in all, LLS through Team In Training (TNT) has raised over $669 Million Dollars since its inception. It was such an amazing experience, and I am now addicted and plan to run at least one marathon with TNT every year!
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Right now all I'm doing is cleaning cages at a couple of shelters in my area. I was doing more but just cant right now.
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I volunteer for the School in the Library twice a week.
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I voluteer to wash/groom animals that are in desperate need of a good groom. I also spend about 40 minutes a day with the kittens up at our pet store. They come in very unsocialized so I try to get them use to human contact. Which is how I fell in love with Mr. Puff.
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Originally Posted by Satai View Post
There are a good few people who volunteer here I think, though they probably spend most of their time on the more serious boards.
Yeah, but even the serious boards get a bit too much.Especially when you've already seen the kind of things they're talking about,sometimes its good to get a break from all forums.
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Yep - I foster, fundraise and do a couple of other bits for one charity, and I enjoyed the last fundraiser so much I contacted a couple of other charities to help them fundraise, have done one so far, and they have their X Mas fair today, so will pop over - then next weekend it is our Christmas fair, and we have the lease of a shop, so will be fundraising most of next weekend too.
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I used to do a lot of cat rescue/rehoming work. Thats were Jaz, Jake and Izzy all came from. But it took over my life to the extent that i had to give it up. I have great admiration for those who undertake this work, its really difficult and heart breaking, but those cats which find a good loving home make it all worth the effort.

Dont do anything at the moment, my sister goes to a dog rescue centre every week to walk them. Its been over a year now since she lost Oscar, I think she may be considering that its the right time for them to get another dog. I hope so because they are great doggy owners and will be able to give a rescue a good life as they did with Oscar (RIP Oz).
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I volunteered to be a co-leader for Girl Scouts last year.

I have volunteered at many spay and neuter clinics helping recover the dogs and cats. I currently volunteer at my local animal shelter and love it and have been since it was "re-modled" in February and a new manager is there that is super awesome..she spoils the animals like crazy and you can tell animals are her passion. I get to help spoil them like crazy, too. of course it's quite obvious that animals are my passion as well. I take pictures for the website, spend time with the cats and dogs, bathe dogs, draw up dog and cat vaccines, help vaccinate the dogs and cats, set up kennels for a dog that comes in and cats, too, make more cat and dog packets, answer the phone sometimes, etc. I am the one who mainly comes regularly and I walk the dogs often and spend time with the cats, too. I also brush the cats and dogs sometimes, too.
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I am a volunteer at a local nursing home/rehab center 3 days a week .
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This is my fourth year volunteering in the administrative office of my daughter's school. I work there one to four mornings a week.

Cheers, from
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Nothing at the moment. I have been a volunteer at my church library.
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