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Cat behaviour (Anal) Problem

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My cat is an 8 year old long haired domestic male cat who was given to me 3 yrs ago, he has a really bad problem in that after he deficates in his litter box he will come out and run his back end along the ground...

I have never seen a cat do this before and I believed it was a medical problem causing him to have an 'itchy' rectum but 3 vets have found no medical problems with him. I am not sure if he had a problem as a kittten or ealier in his life and is now causing this behavioural issue now.

His hair is cut and trimmed and at I am stage now where I don't know what else to do to change his behaviour.

I am an ex-pat who lives in Taiwan and have white tiles for flooring, you can imagine how frustating this is not to get angry with him.

Any help or suggestions would be most welcome.

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I'm not sure if cats work this way but small dogs have an anal gland that can become impacted. When this happens they scoot their butts along the floor in an efforrt to relieve it. If that's what's happening w/ your boy you could take him to a groomer and ask them to express his anal glands. Ok, just did a quick search and it sure can happen to cats too.

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Welcome to TCS...
here, you will find the support that you need.

I agree with the above post that your kitty is probably having scent sac issues.
His scooting behavior is because he may be very uncomfortable or in even in pain.

You need a knowledgeable vet to examine him ASAP.
If plugged....they will need to be expressed/emptied or they could become infected.

Several TCS members have kitties with scent sac problems, including my own cat, Dexter.
There are threads in the Health Forum that you will find informative.
Do a Forum search there, using the terms...
scent sac & scent gland.

Please start a Health Forum thread about your kitty.
Scent sac problems are not a behavior issue,
your boy is having a heath problem.
You will receive the most help there.

Again I stress...
your kitty needs a vet's workup to diagnose the exact problem...
so that the correct treatment can begin.
Then, you and you boy will find relief from his scooting.

Good luck....
I hope that this info. helps.
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