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Tornado hit yesterday

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We had some really bad weather yesterday. A tornado ripped off the side of a warehouse less that 1/2 a block from my office. All the while me and 2 coworkers were standing at the door (we don't have any windows in my office) looking at the rain and wind swirl and commenting on how much that looked like a tornado! 2 people we injured but only minor injuries. Roof landed on peoples cars and there are pieces of roof all down the road. Luckily it really isn't to bad. You can bet I won't be standing at the door again saying "That looks like a tornado"
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I'm glad that there weren't any major injuries!, it must have been very scary!
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OH my! So glad it wasn't worse........
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Oy! I'm glad your OK! We're forecasted some nasty weather here today. I was considering heading to the outlets 45 min south of here, which is pretty unusual for me to do. But we've got high winds and t-storms forecast with a 'slight risk' for tornadoes. The drive would have me cross a lot of flat farmland...so I don't think I will be!
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Stay home with you kits. You will be nice and cozy in your home. Shopping can always wait until the weekend!
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I was just sitting here reading this when my local news broke in on the tv and said that a tornado has just hit a small community, Riegelwood NC. It's about 20 miles from where I live. At least 5 people are dead and probably more and a lot of injuries....4 teenagers were taken to the hospital and are in critical condition. I am totally freaked out. You never hear of tornados in my area. They just said that of the 5 people dead 4 were children and while not confirmed people have reported seeing several bodies close to the highway. They said it went through a trailer community and also a brick home was totally flattened. This is just horrible and more storms are heading our way.
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It really is scary. We are lucky that no one was severly injured. My coworkers husband was out in the smoking pavillion acroos the road and they heard the "train" sound before running for cover.
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It really is scary! I'm glad no one was injured bad where you live. Hurricanes I can deal with...we've had lots of those and you get plenty of warning. The bad thing here now is another band of storms is heading right back through Riegelwood within the hour. Those poor people. I'm sure we'll have some damage here just from the winds. It's awful outside.
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YIKES!! How very scary! So glad it wasnt any worse.
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