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So, who are you when you're not here?

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I though it would be fun to see if anyone here is on any other forums with different usernames, and if we happen to know each other anywhere else without realising it!!

So, let's share our forums, shall we? It would also be a great way to discover some other forums out there that we can go and check out.

I am on a dog forum called Chazhound and my username there is Rubylove. I am also on a Bit Torrent forum called TorrentBox and my username there is Rubester05. Finally, I am a member at a Science Fiction/Fantasy forum called SFF World and my username there is FirePrincess.

(funny the names we come up with for ourselves, isn't it??)

Of course, TCS was my first and is the original and the best - the people here are unlike any other I've been on, just wonderful. I'm really glad my first forum was so wonderful, otherwise I might not have gone on to join more!
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i would like to know some also. since i cant get to most things anymore
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I am a member of quite a few and my username generally stays the same throughout. Most of them I rarely visit anymore though
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Hmmm, I always lurk around other forums, but am not an actual member because they are not as inviting as this one..

But I enjoy, which is a Basketball website..I lurk on the Toronto Raptors forum...

I also lurk on which is a modified car forum. That one has a hilarious "out there" section which is much like the Cat lounge, but way less moderated so it gets pretty over the top..LOL..But I like it.
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I am a member on which is a racing gokart forum. I am nostly a lurker there and have only made maybe 10 posts in the whole year I have been a member!
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I joined a few years ago as I lack an IT department and I'm only 1 brain of IT knowledge. I post as ladyslinger on there.
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I'm a bit of a message board forum junkie.

I'm a long time member and moderator and a site called ConsciousLoving. It's a relationship advice forum. (same UN)

I'm also a member of AllSexAdvice under this name. And another similar board called Bound that is membership only under a different UN that I'd rather not disclose.

I'm part of a few Live Journal Communities under the name satin_raven but I seldom visit those. The only one on my friends page is feline behavior.

I know I've registerd at other forums but I can't remember them because I don't think I've been since registering.
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There are other forums!?! Lol....I used to post on theknot, but that was a few years ago and I honestly don't remember my sn on there anymore!
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Same name where ever I post, but I only post here, a private board and a gaming forum.
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Im on Chazhound and as LizzieCollie and im on another cat forum called Cat World, wherwe most members are from Australia. Im Juliekit there
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The only other forum I go on is a Washington Redskins forum...I am Gibbsfan713 They are pretty funny on there.
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I'm on a bunch of forums, but with the same username on all of them: a writers' forum called Forward Motion, a 20-something lifestyle forum called Digsmagazine, the HealthDiscovery "BootCampBuddies" forum (a Weight Watchers forum) and probably more that I've forgotten about. I'm chattiest here on TCS, though. (Chattiest, mouthiest, whatever. )
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I'm a forum hog too.....

I'm on weight loss site,, has user name: heathers, and I'm a dog site for Rottweilers, and I'm user name: heatherstone,, and I go to the Lost site,, as lostforever.. and I there a few others,, but I can remember em all now.. LOL.. I mostly a browser...
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I too am a member at alot of groups
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Originally Posted by JulieKit View Post
Im on Chazhound and as LizzieCollie and im on another cat forum called Cat World, wherwe most members are from Australia. Im Juliekit there
I think I remember you from Chaz! Cool! The first few months I was on Chaz I didn't think it anywhere near as nice as TCS. I dunno, just a lot of differing opinions and people not scared to say so. But I love it now - I've really settled in and spend most time in the General Dog Chat forum, and of course the training forum as well...
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I only visit 3 forums currently and I'm looking at a 4th.

I'm a mod on one weightloss forum for women only: as MizzKallie

and just a member on another weightloss forum as Miss_Kallie (the other forum I'm on was born out of this one and I just moved over there to be a mod and to be on a women's only weightloss forum)

The fourth one is a parent forum. I'd mostly likely go by Mizzor miss Kallie again.
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on petfinder, I am Krista. on pet talk, I am luvofallhorses since they are one of my favorite animals. on chazhound, I am thehoundgirl, and on a labrador retriever board I am blacklabgirl.
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I am also on Pet of the Day (Pet Talk). My user name there is also Felicia's Mom.
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On Catsiteforums, Petfinder, an Australian Shepherd forum, a Border Collie forum (and other miscellaneous pet-related forums), I'm Aussie Dog (Aussie_Dog3 on PF and AussieDog on one other forum). Only one pet-related forum differs, in that I call myself Wando2000 on it

On horse-related sites like Thoroughbred Champions, Final Turn, and The Sim Game, I'm Ingrid. knows me as Whisperwood Acres (or Whispy for short), and the horse racing forum at knows me as Equus2005.
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