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cry for attention?

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my cat Samus is 2 1/2 years old (fixed and strictly indoors). she's never been destructive of any property until the past few weeks.

it's almost like she going out of her way to heavily scratch at and destroy things around the house for attention or something else. jackets hung on the back of chairs she will jump up onto and rip to shreds, couches, towels hanging in the bathroom, shoes, paperwork, food items etc etc aren't safe around her anymore. she doesnt listen to telling her "no" to anything anymore, spraying her with water, or even her own name. it truely seems like she's going far out of her way to be obnoxious and get some sort of attention even if it's negative.

my fiancee and i have always given her plenty of attention, she sleeps with us almost every night, i feed and give her water constantly. so i don't know if i'm doing something wrong or if she may be sick and this is her way of getting attention about it?

this is very abnormal behavior for her. she's always been very good about knowing to scratch a cat post and never jackets and other objects. she refuses to listen to any discipline.

i dont want to have to shove everything in a closet or my room just to get it away from her, but it's getting bad/often enough that i'm paranoid to leave the house or go to sleep without checking everything in the house making sure she wont be able to destroy anything or i didnt put my jacket on a chair. i've come home or woken up to my personal belongings having been torn into.

anything i can do? has anyone been thru this also?
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Can you get her a friend to play with - adopt a new cat? She's probably bored stiff (games or not) and wants another one of her 'kind' around - many cats need it. Why not try it?
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I agree that she's probly craving attention. Davidson does the same thing sometimes (at 4AM nonetheless! ) Everyday I just have to give him a lot of attention, especially before bed - we have an hour or longer play time with both boys, to really wear them out

Hopefully you're little girl will grow out of this stage, I know Harley did, and I was quite thankful!

Is there anyway you could get her a playmate? I know that helped Harley out a lot when he would do those things as well, he stopped doing all that when we got Davidson
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we have another cat around that's about her same age. they play a lot, and we make sure to even out the attentoin between them.

it's just so frustrating ythat she doesnt listen to anyone anymore =(
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Sudden change of behavior could mean a sign of illness. When was her last checkup?
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