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kitten getting groomed by bella...shockingly

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Ok i have had the kitten for about 1 month now and bella was my cat that doesnt like the dogs so shes in my room and i wanted to get a kitten, so thats were stormie came into play. Well i rescued bella from the streets she was very friendly and it was really hot outside, but at first she didnt like the kitten very much, and sometimes they lay to each other but not often because bella would get mad. We went to get bella fixed but they said there were scars so they presumed that she is so i guess they are right lol, but i dont kno if she ever mothered before, but out of the blue tonite i just came upstairs and i caught stormie on the computer so i picked her up and she was stretching so she could go eat and she was infront of bella and bella sniffed her ears and then started to clean her, now the kitten does no how to clean herself but bella started to clean the top of her head which was soo cutem but what does this mean? lol any idea's here maybe bella did mother before idk but it was the cutest this i ever seen i almost cried because it was so cute and bella has accepted her i guess idk but bella cleaned her then the kitten looked confused and then she left to go eat and bella went back to cleaning herself, by the way the kitten did have ear mites. But bella sniffed the ears and then cleaned the top of her hair!
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That is so sweet. I've seen many posts where the older cat will start mothering the younger one. And I've heard of foster fathers. Many of the people who foster kittens have male cats that just jump right on in and take care of the little ones.

It just took her sometime to get used to the little one. I think we need to give our cats more credit than we do. We wouldn't necessarily take to someone right away who was dumped into our home.
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One of the nicest things I ever saw was after I had gotten Old Pete as a Humane Society reject, I picked up KittenKiya as a little kit.

I brought KittenKiya home and gently introduced him to all the girls. DiddoKahli hissed, Princess Alexis spit and Old Pete growled. I shook my finger at Old Pete, while poor KittenKiya was standing there not knowing what to do, and said, "Don't you do that to that poor little kitten!!! Remember, you were an orphan here too at one time."

I am not kidding. Old Pete walked over to KittenKiya and started to lick him and from that moment on, Old Pete was KittenKiya's "daddy". I treasure memories like this.
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i do treasure those moments and well that was the only time i seen bella cleaning stormie, they probly do all the cute stuff when i am sleeping lol, but awe willie growls and midnight deos to shockingly bella she has her moments were she growls but thats not often she does have moments of her paw flying up in the air (those are more) but what can you do lol...All my kitties are rescued except Stormie I found her online lol I think Bella got some issues becaue she has to share her mommy !! lol...but they both get ALOT of attentions from me and Bella is soooo spoiled ! I love their golden moments though and they get me sooo happy lol
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Aaaaaw, how very sweet
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