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Hi, I new too!

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Good Morning everyone

New to the site. I have two kitties named Pesto and Ruby. They are brother and sister and are 4 years old. I really enjoy them and love them with all my heart. Of course, they are spoiled rotten.

I have been following the site and have decided to join because Ruby, the male kittie has a discharge from his eye and I need advice. I will post this on the health side of the forum.

I think this site could be allot of fun.
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Hi Colleen! This site IS a lot of fun. Whether you need sound advice or just want to interact with a bunch of nice people, our forums are great. Hope to see you around posting often.
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Hi Colleen!
TCS isn't just fun it's also very addictive! I have been a member for almost a year now and I still love it here!!!! Enjoy yourself and I hope to see you posting often!
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Welcome to the site Colleen!

Yes, this site is VERY ADDICTIVE!

I think there should be a warning that comes up when you register:


I spend hours on here and suffer withdrawals if I don't at least sneak a peek every couple of days!

Anyway, there are some amazingly wonderful people here that I'm sure you'll enjoy getting to know. They're big hearted, intelligent, full of life experience and of course, absolute cat lovers! What more could you want?

Look forward to hearing more about you and your kitties!


PS. I've had eye discharge problems with my cats before and it usually means a trip to the vet to get an antibiotic ointment which will need to be put into the eye 3-4 times a day until cleared.
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You get withdrawl if you don't look in here every few days? I go into withdrawl if I'm not on here every few hours. I realized how much I was spending on here when I started saying "Oh, we were talking about that on the board. What board? The Cat Site forums. Never heard of it? Are you kidding?"


Welcome aboard. This place is great, the people are wonderful and you'll get a lot of good advice, along with a lot of laughs.
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Hi Coleen

They are SO right! I've just got back from a long weekend in Dublin and the FIRST thing I did was log on.

I would've found an internet cafe and surfed their but for the fact my brother and husband would never let me live it down!

Hope to hear more about your furry family soon - just jump in and chat.

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Hi, Colleen! Yes, they're telling the truth. It's addictive, and worth it! We laugh and cry together over our babies, and share their antics. I'm glad you found us; I feel certain you'll be back!
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Welcome to the site Colleen! Fun would almost seem to be an understatement. For some of us, it almost becomes a way of life! :laughing2

I look forward to getting to know you and your furbabes better. Happy posting!
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Welcome Lisa!!

My orange tabby, GoGo, also has a leaky discharge in his right eye. He has had this since birth...I brought it to my vet's attention and he told me to keep it clean.

Also, he said to watch the fluid that leaks and that if it started to turn pink or if the fluid is tinged with blood to call him.....

I found "Pet Wipes" for GoGo's face...it's perfect. I found them at my grocery store, believe it or not...I bet it would be cheaper to purchase them at a pet store, though… you would probably get more tissues and a better price.

Anyway, I wipe his eye once a day. GoGo seems to look forward to it. Actually, it's not as leaky as it used to be...maybe because it stays clean? Not sure about that. I bet Hissy could tell you…
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I use pet wipes too - live savers!!
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Hi Colleen!

Welcome to our home away from home. There are some awsome people here to learn and enjoy from.


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