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ear problem

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Sammy has something in his ear. I think its just a few grains of sand, but is it a big problem? Will it come out by itself?
It does seem to be bothering him, hes lying that ear flat every so often, and scratching at his ear quite a bit.
A few weeks ago we had to take him to the vet to get a grass seed out of his ear, but thats a grass seed, this is just sand. I'm not sure if i should be concerned or not. Figures he'd pick today to have problems, i have an exam in like half an hour.
Any advice?
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Sorry, I didn't see this post before! And Welcome to the forum!

I think you should clean out his ears first. If that doesn't work, take him to the vet to get it checked. It may be an early sign of ear mites...don't let him scratch too much, he may injure himself!
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Hi and welcome to TCS ...............one of my kitties (Dino)was always rolling around in dusty places........and then the scritching would start
Anyway, not withstanding vets attention......I used to wipe his ears out gentle with a catton wool pad slightly damp. He was fine - he did this when he was a lot younger and we dont seem to have the problem now........mainly cos he a lazy bones and doesnt go out much now !!

Heres some advice from a web page


* Gently wipe the inside of the ear once a week, using a separate piece of damp cotton wool for each ear.
* Do not insert cotton buds into your cat's ear - the ear is easily damaged and a cotton bud could also push wax further inside the ear.
* Any excess earwax, discharge, head shaking, ear scratching or other abnormalities should be reported to your vet.

Hope alls well with Sammy

Enjoy the forums
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My thinking is that if you can't see it, but know that something is bothering his ear then he should probably see a vet. A vet can look much deeper than you and they have all the proper implements, etc., for cleaning the ears.

I have ear wipes and ear wash on hand for general cleaning, but if I suspect there is something deep in the ear I won't mess with it. I get too afraid of causing irreversible damage so for my peace of mind I consider the vet expense worth it.

I hope Sammy is better soon.
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