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What kind of kitty do I have?

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I've just adopted a new cat from a local shelter. He's a perfect tuxedo with a white mustashe, a white bib, belly, feet and hands. The rest of him is jet black with a hint of red. He has a short tail, about half the lenght of most cats. Also, at the very tips of his ears he has little points or tufts like a lynx. His fur is short and very shiny. He's very gentle and affectionate. He's about a year and a half to two years old. Can anyone tell me what breed, or combination, of cat this is?
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Picture required I feel
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try to get us a picture also, does the tail have hair on it u said it was shorter than others because if there no hair by the end that means it was cut that way, so try to get a picture maybe i can help ! I have a manx and her tail is about a little half of the size of other cats, thats just in the breed lol !~
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Sounds like a mixed breed to me with maybe some kind of manx type in the background. Manx come in 3 tail lengths - no tail, partial tail, and full tailed.

As far as the color he's a black/white bicolor - the reddish in the coat only means that he's been outside a lot and the sun has bleached the black to turn reddish. It happens a lot with black cats that get a lot of sun.
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As you can see, his tail seems to have grown that way, so maybe he's a manx, or, at least part manx?
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His tail doesn't appear to have been cut as there is hair on the end. I posted a link to a picture of Tobias in my last post. Please let me know if the link works. Thanks!
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i wasnt able to see the photo, but he can be part manx im not sure i still have to see a photo but i was letting u know that it didnt work !
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I have 2 10 month old Norwegian forest cats, a 5 year old white rescue short hair and an 11 month old tabbie with white paws!! cat mayhem!
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There is going something in my head. Short tail and tufts in the ears sounds vaguely familiar. Kurilean Bob or similiar??? A japanese race I believe.

They arent common, but a fertile male could have a walk in fine weather...

I see i wikipedia there are also other races of "bob" cats. although most of them dont have these tufts in ears. Lets proceed to look...
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I can't see the picture

Oh well, I guess I will just have to imagine. *sniffle, sniffle*
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