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Badddddd Breath!!!

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one of my kittens has bad breath compared to the other ones. and when i looked inside her mouth where her "cheek" (holds all the wiskers and what not) i seen like a greenish mush in their.. i took a cue-tip to see what it was..and when i got some on the tip. it smelled really bad. i have no idea what it is but it doesn't really seem to bother her. but its were seeing one side is a little bit bigger then the other..and it looks like the mush is up there pretty good...

what is it and what should i do?
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when i looked at it again..its white/cream like theres not mush there ne more since i cleaned it...but when i looked on the other side of her mouth it doesn't look the same what so ever. the infected side can be pulled up farther to see it where the other part doesn't. i really don't know what is going on with her and i tried calling a vet to get and idea and no one really seems to be helping me on this thing and i jus want to know what is wrong w/ my kitten.
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Sounds like an infection, I would take her in to the vet.
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all the vets are closed now. and i dn't want my mom to get mad because i took her to the vet. idk how much it would cost for them to just check her out.
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If the kitten is eating and drinking fine it can probably wait until tomorrow. Would your mom take her in then?
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well she loves that kitten so im pretty sure if i said something to her about it she would...

but to me she doesn't seem to feel ne pain at all.. and she eats and drinks.
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shes acting like her same self playful and energetic too
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Yes, but green mush & bad breath is not normal. If it's an infection it would need to be diagnosed by a vet to get appropriate treatment.
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its not like a green mush, whn i looked at it a second time it was like white like idk im going to have to talk to my mom whn she gets on break at work. There isn't much i can really do, i called a vet and they all closed at 6. but i'll see if she will for sure take her in tmorw
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