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Hi Folks~

As of today I am a new foster mommy to a beautiful ragdoll mama and her little wee three.

I am writing to you folks because I need some thoughts. I believe mom was, at some point, abused. I can not comb her hair, raising the brush frightens her nor can I play with her with any kind of long object (I had a puff ball on a springy stick thing, she shrank away quickly and ran to a corner) any thoughts on how to help her?

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If she is a stray there is a strong chance that someone along the way has really hurt her. She does not yet know to trust you, and one way to gain her trust is just to feed her on a regular routine basis, talk quietly to her when you are in the room with her and don't force her to act like a lap kitty when she may not know what that means yet.

She is undoubtedly scared, her life is upside down and the best way to get to her is just to go into the room where she is and shut the door, sit on the floor, open a book and start reading out loud to her softly. This acclimates her to your voice. While I do this with each new kitty that comes to my place, I also set around me some treats (I usually use Pounce treats) and I just sit there for about 10 minutes a day and read to them. If they come out, I do not even look at them, I just keep reading and virtually ignore them so they know I am no threat. Also, if she is feral try not to look her in the face when she does come to you. Just look away and go about your business with her until she knows you are *okay*

Hope this helps.If you have anymore questions, feel free to email me or PM me using the features here on the forums. Just click where it says profile under my post. I have rescued for many years and have a lot of tricks up my sleeve I would be happy to share with you.
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Elyse. God bless you for caring for this poor baby! I wish you all the best with her. Time is your friend here and of course Hissy and her great advice! Listen to her - she has helped me work with 16 kits with good success!
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I know she isn't feral but I do believe she wasn't well cared for. I can feel her bones (even the rescue worker lady said she'd been trying to fatten her up but they didn't even get her until Aug 20).

I was able to use the broom in there today to sweep up excess litter and she was a bit nervous (watched me closely) but didn't shrink away like she did w/ the brush/springy toy. That behavior was all together different...her eyes opened and closed repeatedly and she hunkered down and skittered off to a corner.

I know she likes me. She lets me pet her and she even purred today and let out a meow but she just needs to be sure of me so with time I'm confidant she'll do well. I don't think she's ever had someone to stroke her, love her, give her toys. Poor sad kitty--I'm sure w/ time though we'll get through this. Who knows how scarred she is emotionally though, we'll see.

Thanks folks~I'll try the reading trick--the kittens already love me to pieces though, all three crawled into my lap and went to sleep just hours after getting here! AWWWWW!!!!!!! But I knew they needed their mama so she came over (mama did) and I put all the kittens with her and let them all sleep, it was darling. I love them.

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