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Male Orange Tabby Needs Home In Kentucky

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I don't usually do things like this since we have 17 rescues already. Today my local vet assistant called me in a panic saying they had an emergency.

Someone (Jerk) has had this boy since he was a kitten, and now he is 3 years old, de-clawed in the front and neutered. The Jerks recently installed new carpet in their home and kitty decided to pee on it, so they asked the vet to put him down! Anyone with good sense knows this was his way of saying he doesn't like the formaldehyde smell coming from the new carpet. These people just didn't want him anymore...obviously.

Against my better judgment, I picked him up a little while ago, and within 10 minutes he had already used the litter box without being shown where it was! He had until 5PM or life was over for him....what would you do???

If anyone in the Central Kentucky area would like to adopt this cute little orange tabby boy, please let me know. I would be willing to drive and meet someone offering a good home for him from Lexington Ky - North or South.

He's a short haired orange tabby boy 3 years old, de-clawed in the front , neutered, and weighs just over 10 lbs. DVM ran all the blood work for me and he's clean, and up to date on all his vaccinations. Headbutts and purrs are already going strong, he just wants to be loved by someone.

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Oh bless you for saving his life. He sounds like a sweetie. I hope you're able to find a good home for him.
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awe thats soo sad people like that make me mad and i would of done the same thing that you did, too bad i am to far away and currently we are all maxed out for kitties lol, i want more though of course we took in 2 just this year. I just cant believe people these days how do you get a kitten have it for three years and it does one thing wrong and want to kill it, people make me sick !~ This kittie is lucky to have had someone like you to save his life!
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Thanks for the kind words

We're maxed out at 17 already, or this one would be a keeper. You can check out the rest of our gang and story at

People are strange when it comes to things like this. It's not like you can get a refund and start all over again if you don't like the item. These are living breathing creatures with feelings!

Hopefully we can find this one the loving home he deserves.

Take Care
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I wish you luck. I'm in Kentucky as well, but have my hands full of clawy fuzz at the moment thanks to kitten season and peoples' general irresponsibility (and I live in southeastern ky anyway), so unfortunately I cannot help. Here's hoping that someone can take on the orange lad.
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please email me at I won't be able to check it until tonight but I can help with this cat. Do you know of any FeLV homes that might take in another cat? I volunteer for my local shelter and we have a very loving tabby DSH orange that has tested pos. He loves, loves, loves people and deserves a chance to find a home for his final days. He appears healthy except for a cloudy spot on his eye.
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That would be wonderful if you know of someone with a loving home. Just sent you an email.

Take Care
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I am at my max, but I pray he finds a forever home SOON!!!
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I can't take him. But I can help with transport near me. I'm in Anderson County.
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Thanks for all your well wishes and offers of help!

I'm pleased to say that we have found "Wiggins" a loving home in Marion County. The family has adopted from us before and they will be getting kitty on Thanksgiving day as a family event.

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Originally Posted by SpoilMyKitty View Post
I'm pleased to say that we have found "Wiggins" a loving home in Marion County.
Yayy! Great news!
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I'm so glad this sweet boy found a home!
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Oh that's wonderufl news! You saved the little guys life.
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Yay! I'm glad there's a happy ending!

My male sprays, and my female peed on the carpet once. I guess I should have gotten rid of them too, huh? Some people. Glad there's people like you out there!
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