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Help!!! Angry Neighbor

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Our family adopted a wonderful cat from the SPCA when he was about 8 months old. He had been a stray. I tried keeping him in our house, but he would cry and cray to get out. It broke my heart, so I let hime go out during the day. He is a very friendly cat, but also very curious and fearless. This week I notice a patch of pink on his belly and we think that he was shot with a paint gun. Just tonight a neighbor came to my door and accused my cat of destroying her outside cusion and walking on her pool cover. She threatened me that if she saw my cat on her yard again she would take him somewhere!!!! What am I to do? I can't keep him in the house, he will be totally misserable. Does anyone know what my legal rights are?


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I'm not sure about legal rights.............but if I were you, I'd keep him in the house!!! Or put him in a garage of some sorts.
I wouldn't worry so much about his misery as I would his safety.
Or I'd rehome him if there is no chance of keeping him in.
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First of all, please do keep your cat inside for the moment. I do understand how difficult this is to do, but right now it is the same as if your cat was sick - you just have to keep him in because that's the best thing for him, even if he doesn't like it.

I don't know where you are, so I cannot suggest a probable legal scenario for you. All, I'm not a legal expert in this country - or any other, for that matter, so anything I would suggest would be speculation. Please consult an actual lawyer or citizen's advice bureau - you'll be glad you did.

To help keep you kitty less miserable (and alive), keep him inside, but do step up the playing and especially hunting games - try feather toys and the like. Most cat toys are extremely inexpensive, and reachable on any budget.

It can take some time to adjust a cat who is used to the outside to the inside, and I suspect a small number don't ever fully adjust - this is not a reason to try. Please be patient, your cat - and you - will almost certainly adjust to the new routine.

Welcome to the Cat Site!
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In iowa we have a leash law that applies to all animals. We can get fined ect for having animals run loose. I would prob keep the cat inside they will get used to it.
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I doubt you would have any legal rights, it's probably up to owners to keep their pets under control.
I agree with everyone else, keep him indoors.
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Can't you just keep him indoors?..he will stop crying eventually won't he?
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Let the cat adapt to being indoors...

Radar is an indoor cat due to us living on an estate (council flats) and he still manages to entertain himself to the point that he frwaks out at the front door being opened...

Keep the cat indoors for a couple of weeks and smother with attention (as I'm sure all tcs owners do ) just to see how he copes
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Originally Posted by Barblynnp View Post
What am I to do? I can't keep him in the house, he will be totally misserable.
You need to keep him inside otherwise one day that kitty won't be coming home

Your kitty will adjust. You just have to not give in and let him out.

As for legal rights? Possibly for harassing you, but then again they could file a complaint against you and your kitty and cause you more problems.

The best thing is to keep your baby in the house. There he will be loved and safe from harm from crazy people.
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I agree with everyone else. Your cat is your first saftey concern. If you are that worried that your neighbor will do something horrible to your cat then keep him inside. I have 4 indoor cats that never go outside but DO have access to enclosed porches and I have to hear them meowing constantly because they want to be out on the porches, but I have learned to not listen to them if it's to cold outside and they might get sick.I think for your cats saftey you should either keep him inside or rehome him if this is not an option. I know I would if someone were threatening my cat.
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Maybe try building your cat and outdoor enclosure where he can go out but can be safely in your yard. And can have a kitty door and go out and in as he likes but in the meantime please keep him indoors. I think we have some links to outdoor enclosures here I am not sure. But it would show you a general idea of what they are. Is kind of like a huge cage. And has a top on it.
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Great idea Tavia's mom an outdoor enclosure is a great idea!!!!! That way he can go outside, but there is no way he can go into the neighbors yard. I would'nt leave him out there alone though---people can be mean idiots!!!! It might be hard at first keeping him inside, but after a few weeks he will find other ways to release his energy. My toy of choice for high energy little boys..... lazer pointer!!!!!! It wears them out pretty easily (just don't aim it at their eyes!) But, for his safety and your sake as well, keep him indoors
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In most countries letting your cat or dog "Run at large" is basically at your own risk. Aome places a "pest" animal can be shot on sight, you might want to check the laws regarding pets in your area. weather there is a moretorium on outdoor cats.
I like the idea of an outdoor inclosure for your kitty, you can make a large one in your backyard with wood and chicken wire, make sure to put a top on it or your kitty will get out, and some things to climb on.
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I weigh in with keeping him in the house,. Maybe he needs a friend to play with?
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Keep him in the house. He will get used to it. Annabelle was also a stray and we had the same problem. Eventually she stopped trying to get out. It isn't worth your neighbor killing him over.
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keep him in, then harness train him to go out. Or get a lead within your yard that he can be out while supervised. Or an enclosure. But keep him in. I'd be one getting very angry if a dog pooped on my yard, so I can see how other neighbors would be upset about a cat. Maybe they are bird watchers, and the birds won't come around cause of the cat..... just to play devil's advocate. Keep your baby in, unless you are with him, he will get over it.
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