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Cat Asthma?

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So when I first adopted Forest I took him to the vet for a check up. ( and to show him off..lol) When we were talking she asked me about any concerns. I explained to her about his hacking/breathing episodes. That has sounded like he was going to cough up a fur ball but didn't.

She thought (and so did I ) that it might be URI, however he wasn't producing discharge so we thought it was the begining stages. Told me to keep an eye on him and see what produces.

Then when we were there, just by luck he did it. The vet raised her eyebrow. She told me to really keep an eye on him because he might have asthma.

Now a two months later I am convinced he does. I have made an appointment for him next week to be officially diagnosed.

I am concerned about what medicine he might need. I don't have a problem giving a pet a shot. I am good at that. I don't have a problem giving cats liquid medicine. I do have a problem with pills. I am not all that excited at the possibility that I might have to give my cat pills all the time.

So I am looking for someone who's cat has it, so they can tell me how you maintain it.
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There are many threads on this forum about asthmatic cats. Mine is one of them.

Diet, cleaning the house, and changing laundry detergent, vacuum cleaners, and humidifiers worked better for Gizmo than any medicine. Prednisol and any other steroid may have worse effects on the cat than the disease.

Asthma in cats is often topical. Look up the threads and you should find what you need to know. Good luck.
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YOu can go here to read more about what people on here have said....I'm in the same boat as you! When we go back I"m going to push for inhalent meds.
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I give Wellington a quarter pill for asthma every other day (prednizone) and it is no big deal. He got used to it very quickly and now doesn't fight at all. When I boarded him last week, and showed the care attendant there how to do it, she was able to do it herself with no problem. So don't worry about it if you have to do it. I hold him by the scruff, lift him slightly and with the other hand open his mouth and put the pill as far back as I can. Then hold his jaw for a few seconds with both hands, rubbing and petting till he has swallowed it. The key thing with steroids like prednizone which are standard asthma treatmetn is to find the minimum dose that will control it in your cat, as there can be long term side effects on the heart and possible diabetes. My vet started with a tablet a day till he was not coughing and then we gradually reduced the dose. Now he has very occasional coughing episodes. Keeping the house clean is important and living in a clean air area helps, if you can do it.
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Molly has it too. She was taking yellow allergy pills but then she out smarted me. She has been pretty good lately. When the season change it starts up. My vet prefers not to do anything medication wise. He feels the long term effects are worse. I did change the type of litter we use and that seems to have helped. It's funny because when I clean more she coughs more.
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