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The Great Pill Giving Adventure!

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Well now that we have found out that Carl probably has a sinus infection, he is on a new kind of mega antibiotic.

On top of that, he is also on a decongestant that, while it works miracles on his little kitty snortling, has to be administered by shooting it up his nose. Needless to say I am not feeling loved by Carl at the moment.

He has gotten so wary of me that he absolutely will not eat anything I give him without first biting off a teeny tiny piece just to make sure it isn't consealing a pill of some sort. He was most pissed when I got the hubby (who usually shrinks from being the "bad guy") to give him a "treat" containing his pill. I am Persona Non Grata around him at the moment.

He is a really finiky eater, and doesn't eat any cat treats except Greenies (and only the Liver flavor). Since those are crunchy, no change of hiding a pill in there. Our vet said to try giving it to him in either liver or liverworst.

Where can one find liverworst in a typical grocery store?

I figured I would give it a try, since his meds are for 10 days and I am trying desperately to avoid the whole shoving the pill down his throat thing. On top of that, Carl has a testy throat, and even with the pills covered in chicken treat (when he would eat them) had to be followed with a little oil to make sure he didn't choke. I really really don't want to have to shove the pretty large pill down his very small and finiky throat every day for 10 days.

So, does anyone else on here give liver treats? If so, what do you look for and where do you get them? I have tried Petsmart, but the only liver flavored treats they have are crunchy.

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you can find liverworst in any deli section of the grocery store. i would check to make sure it isn't the spicy one first!
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Good to know, thank you! I didn't even know they made spicy liverworst!
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I've had to resort to crushing up the kits pills and putting it in a teaspoon of their favorite canned cat food.
They eat it with NO problem.
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I feel your pain. Harvey is on an antibiotic now. It's a liquid, but he's still none too pleased about it. Unfortunately, he's completely uncooperative, so the only way to administer it is to catch him and squirt it down his throat.

So I'm not the most popular person in my house, either.

Pat's willing to help, but I'm trying to avoid that so Harvey won't feel terrorized by both of us. So he's more loving with Pat than ever.

In the next few days he'll be getting an inhaler for his asthma, too. I'm not looking at all forward to that.

The other evil meowmy
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Loki has to take a pill every other day for his asthma. There was no way he would eat anything with a pill in it, crushed or otherwise. The device the vet gave me for "inserting" the pill in his mouth made him recoil in terror. Basically, to avoid having to chase and catch him every pill time, I made a game of it with him, for which he got a treat afterwards for being a good boy and taking his medicine. It didn't take very long before he started coming running to me every time I picked up his pill bottle to take his pill so he could have some treats! Hubbie thinks it's hilarious! Anywya, I pill him the old-fashioned way, opening his mouth, inserting pill by hand and then stroking his throat so that he swallows. He actually enjoys pill time now. I just have to be careful to not move his pill bottle when it isn't pill time. He'll wake up out of a sound sleep and come running for his pill.
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