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Will you buy/read this book?

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Why doesn't he just admit that he DID it? Double jeopardy prevents him from being prosecuted.
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I won't read it. That he had the audacity to write this book and give it the title he did really just disgustes me. I saw a promo for his interview this week and it was the first I'd heard of the book. I couldn't believe it.
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Heck no I won't read it. He disgusts me.
I don't see how that jury sleeps at night.
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No WAY will I buy this book, and I wouldn't read it if it was handed to me for free. The man is a proven MURDERER, according to the DNA tests. He should be tortured slowly in public.
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NO!!! What the heck is he thinking!!!!
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No, I will neither buy it nor read it. This sort of thing is not my cup of tea, first of all. But more than that -- and making absolutely no judgement about his guilt or innocence in the matter for which he was tried, since I was not there to hear and judge the evidence -- it strikes me as a shoddy bid for publicity, and for that I don't have the time of day.
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What a great idea, OJ!
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That doesn't make any sense "how I would have murdered my ex-wife and friend?" Most in the country know he's guilty of killing them. Money talks - that is why he walked. Any other USA citizen would be in jail for doing what he did.

Of course, only God really knows what happened!
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I'd read it, provided I saw it at a second-hand bookstore where I could use my credit to "purchase" it, so that he wouldn't profit. I'd probably also throw it in the trash immediately afterwards, as I did with Johnny Cochran's book on the case (which I got at a Salvation Army store). In fact, I'd probably rip it up and put it in the litter box, which is more than it deserves. I buy, read, and really enjoy Mark Fuhrman's books, and just love the idea that he (Fuhrman) can make a living off his books, after being almost destroyed by that trial, and O.J. can't.
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I don't need to read the book to know how he did it; for all intents and purposes, it was a fairly straightforward double-homicide. For all the damage it did, the murders would still only take up a chapter, if that. It's not like he did something clever with the bodies or had some cunning or unusual method of killing them. How did he get away with it? A team of high-priced lawyers, a botched criminal investigation and a flawed justice system, that's how.

In all honesty, as tasteless and tacky as the book is, I can't imagine that it would be terribly interesting to read, even if you like reading true-life crime fiction -- like I said, it's not like the murders were terribly complicated or unusual, save for who the accused and the victims were. And for the record, I think the entire concept of "double jeopardy" is about the dumbest thing I've ever heard (if it actually works the way pop culture has led me to believe it does).
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nope i wont. i think the man is guilty as sin and this book is pretty darn close to admitting it too.
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I can't help but wonder how his children feel about this atrocity, not to mention Nicole's and Ron Goldman's families.
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That man is quite possibly the most contemptible piece of scum I have ever had the misfortune of sharing my time on earth with. And I've never met or even seen him - just being on the same planet at the same time as him is something I wish I could change! Revolting person...
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Just reading that article made me want to cry for his children and the family of his victims.

He truelly has no shame.
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Originally Posted by ckblv View Post
Heck no I won't read it. He disgusts me.
I don't see how that jury sleeps at night.
Don't let the prosecution of the hook they mangled that case.
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There is no way I would read that book. The only way I would buy it is if the profits would go towards the civil judgement against him but I know his attorneys have made sure that won't happen. I can't believe he is being given TV air time for an interview.
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This is a slap in the face to victims of violence everywhere. I don't expect much from OJ but the publisher and Fox TV should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this man to profit from the tragedy of murder in this fashion. No I will not buy or read this book nor will I watch the interview. Whether he did it or not the whole premise of "if I did it this is what happened" is just disgusting. What kind of man would even consider this.

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Nope I sure would not. And FOX is sdoing a show on it from what I heard on the radio. I will never support anything that man does.
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I won't buy or read his book. He literally got away with murder and I would never support him.
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The only time I would pick it up is if I needed a good laugh.

"If I had killed my wife, I would've used tan gloves instead of black" That's how I picture the book going.

Anyways, I would never ever fund this guy. Even if he was a beggar on the street
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Seems like a publicity stunt to me. I was in the 8th grade when the whole trial ended--I remember hearing the verdict over the radio while in gym class. I'm now a grown woman....I mean come on dude.....your 15 minutes of fame for it were up a looooooong time ago in my oppinion. And what's with the whole 'If I was gonna kill him I'd have done it this way!' Sick if you ask me.
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Originally Posted by Sims2fan View Post
Don't let the prosecution of the hook they mangled that case.
That's why he was acquitted. In interviews after the trial, members of the jury said that while they were sure he did it, the prosecution didn't prove it at all while the defense did enough to raise reasonable doubt. They felt their hands were tied by the prosecution.

Not only would I not read the book (I don't think it would contain anything that I could actually learn from), there is no way that rat is going to get any of my hard earned money!
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Originally Posted by AbbysMom View Post
I can't help but wonder how his children feel about this atrocity, not to mention Nicole's and Ron Goldman's families.
I thought the same thing...He will get his someday, that we can be sure of!!
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How he "would have" murdered the mother of his children...
As if they haven't been through enough. This is a travesty. Of course I won't buy the book.
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There is noo way I would even buy that book of his or his videotape that someone did of him which is even worse .
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There is no double jeopardy in the uk anymore...Thank god.

I don't usually bother talking about people like that simpson murderer,but it's obvious he murdered those people.He 'got off with it' on a technicality.

Why the media still pays any attention to him and why ANY publisher would give him the time of day is completely beyond me

He must be close to broke now so why give him the chance to make money off the backs of people he murdered???

There are criminals in the uk who have tried to make money from their crimes and the government has outlawed it.
This is no different.

He can pretend all he likes now but when the time comes he will go to hell.
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I think book-burning is an atrocity, but in this case I'd make an exception.
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Not only will I not buy or read the book, but there is a special about it on Fox news. I generally watch Fox in the morning as I get ready for work. Then fairly often, I watch some of the Fox news shows in the evening. I have decided to quit Fox news for the next month, because I think it is reprehensible to encouage that murderer, and help him make money.

My heart goes out to his children, and the families of the victims.

Edited to add....I just sent a message to Fox News that I have quit watching them. Hopefully if enough people do the same, they will reconsider showing the special about OJ!
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I will NEVER read the book.I have felt from day one that he did it and got away with it.
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