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Flipping the Food Bowls?

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Whitey started doing something odd and I'm looking for a reason behind it.

Whenever I feed wet food to them, he eats it and then digs or paws at the food bowl before he has it completely upside down and walks away.

Is it a method cats do to guard their food source?? The odd thing is he doesn't do this with dry food, only wet food.

Or is it his way of telling me "Mom the food sux, buy better next time"? He is a little snot like that sometimes.

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Hard to tell what our kitties are trying to tell us, but my guess is he is trying to hide if for next time so it will be there when he gets back. Petals will literally try to push the nap of the carpet over her bowl when she eats so the others won't find it!! It's all in vain, but she tries!
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I'd say he doesn't like the food. Gizmo dumped food that she disliked all over the floor; since it was dry food she could paw it out of the bowl. Wet food is harder to remove, so he turns the bowl over. Maybe you should try another brand or flavour.
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My cat is a terror when it comes to covering his food. He will paw things from several yards away, pulling them bit by bit towards his bowls, then into the bowl. It drives me nuts. He covered his bowl with one of Nate's baseball caps the other day. CD cases are another good cover, as far as he's concerned, as are books, the mail, laundry, etc. He pulls up the carpet on a daily basis when he paws around his bowls

He loves his grub, I think he's just covering to hide it for later, and scent marking with his paws so that we all know it is his territory.
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Our cat doesnt flip the bowl, but religiously paws around it, especially if we are giving him wet food. He sniffs it and paws around in a similar motion as if he were covering stuff in his litter tray. He then sniffs it and repeats this over and over. Eventually he will eat. Personally i think it might be the smell of the food that he has began to dislike (he used to tuck straight in). He doesnt do it so much with dry food and he loves his kitty biscuits. So i may try other kitten foods and see what happens. Meow.
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Maybe it's a game to him. Like a new habit every time he eats. Just something he learned to do?
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