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What kind of camera

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Ok, so I just bought us a new digital camera as an early x-mas present (mine broke months ago) and I'm wondering how the quality of my images will be. I see so many great pictures here and I always wonder how many mega-pixels that camera they were taken with has.

So, if you want to, I'd love it if you'd post a pic and include the info on the camera used (particularly mega-pixels). Plus, it's a great excuse to see more pics.
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Mine is only a 5.1MP... I gave up some megapixels for decent zoom, good shutter speed and start up times and a nice size camera... you can see the quality of my pics here

I have this camera, its a great camera but getting a little old now so hopefully I will get this one soon
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Wow, those are both very nice cameras and the pictures look great. The one I ordered is your typical box shaped digital camera w/ d4x digital zoom and 6.6mp. The price was right otherwise I probably would have saved up for a brand name I knew. Hopefully my picture quality will still be good.
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I have the Canon Powershot S2 w/ Image stablizer. and it is 5.0 MP...I love this camera..I have had no problems at all

Here is the front view:

another view of the back

Here are some pics I took with it at Rock city in Chattanooga:

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I've still to buy my Canon Powershot G7, but I'll definitely be posting pics when I do!
Icklemiss - oooh, Nikon D80! You'll have lots of fun with an SLR.

Alaynna - oh my gosh when I saw that waterfall, I vowed to go there one day and swim in the pool at the bottom!
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I had been saving for a D70 for some time but now that the D80 is out - may as well keep up with the times (hoping my BF reads this and gets me one for xmas )
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The waterfall is so pretty that I'm adding it to my SS slide show! I'm hoping I'll be happy w/ the camera even if it isn't a brand I've heard of. It has good features (video clips and expandable memory slot) and was only $120
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I have the canon powershot a430. This is it. For a basic camera, I really like it. You can see my pictures here. All of the ones that start with IMG were taken with my camera.
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We've got a Nikon CoolPix 5900 - there's a pic and review here.

These are some photos using it

We've taken good pics in lots of different situations - long range, short range, light, dark etc. It certainly has its limitations, but is great for a "point and shoot".

Some of the things that won us over were - time between pressing the button and actually taking the photo is very quick compared to other cameras in the same price range, it has sports mode so you can take a bunch of photos in quick succession by holding down the button, it has panoramic mode, which is soooo easy to use, and comes with photo editing software which has been fantastic. Makes minor editing very easy, and has panoramic "stitching" capabilities, so you put your photos into it, and it works it out and turns it into a panoramic shot.

I don't know if this pic is too big for here, but here is the first attempt I did at a panoramic shot.

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Wow... those pics are amazing! All the clear detail in the closeups... really nice.
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I use a Fujifilm FinePix F440. It has 4.1 megapixels and 4x zoom, I think. I get a lot of comments on how small it is, but it's a REALLY sturdy camera, you can tell just by picking it up. It was $200.

Here's a closeup of Spike taken with it:

This is a photo taken in very low light with flash:

Here's a video clip taken with it:

Hope those help
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The video looked suprisingly good! Oh, and you furbabies are beautiful! If I ever go for a breed it's probably be a bengal... I love that junglecat pattern their fur has.
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I have a Canon A430 too and I love it. Great for point and shoot...I would definately recommend Canon..I researched cameras for weeks before I bought one..and Canon is the BEST!!
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My camera is a red samsung, digimax a 503, it is 5.0 mega pixels, i can choose wat to use but i get better picture quality this way lol

There is stormie attacking the camera lol

and here is bella attacking a fruit roll up wrapper lol
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Well, it came, it sucked, I sent it back. So, looks like I'm still camera shopping. I've been leaning toward the cannon powershot A530. So, I'm still open to suggestions!
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I've used Canon and I love it!

Some sample pictures. These were taken with either the Canon Powershot G6 (7 megapixel) or Canon Powershot A80 (4 megapixel). But believe me when I say, the amount of megapixels on a camera is only one component of a good picture. If you know how to use your camera, using all available functions, almost any camera can produce good quality pictures. You basically only need higher megapixels if you intend on enlarging many pictures past 8x10 size.

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Here is a website that will take a little bit of time to complete all the criteria, BUT.........will narrow down what you NEED in a camera.

With that being said, we purchased a Panasonic DMC-FZ30 this past spring and we couldn't be happier with it and just like any make and model of camera you have to take lots of pictures. We do take lots of pictures and occasionally something comes out decent. You didn't give a price range on what you are wanting to spend on your camera. Myself, I wanted a camera that would serve me for years to come with high resolution, fast re-charge of the batteries, had the ability to go totally manual, and didn't use one of the more expensive memory cards. Here is the link to the camera that we purchased.

I occasionally post pictures of our cats and miscellaneous other things that I think turn out decent. Do a search on my name and some posts that I have made, especially in the photo forum. I hope this helps you with your decision.

Winter Hawk
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Blue, thanks... I realized just recently that mega pixels aren't everything. Even w/ 6 the camera I decided to return just wasn't good. There was a huge delay in pushing the nutton and it actually taking the picture and if there was even an iota of movement it blurred.
I think I just saw some pics of your kitty today. They look very nice but your camera is out of my price range. Thanks for the questionaire though... very helpfull.
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