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Wonderful people in this world

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A lady was in at the shelter yesterday adopting a 6 month old kitty, and rather than just giving the adoption fee, she wrote out a cheque for $1000 for the shelter and said it was thanks for all the hard work for all the staff and volunteers!!!!

Isn't that just wonderful???!!!! I was in tears when I heard that, I thought that was so amazing So everyone there is pretty happy at the moment!!!

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Wow! That was very generous of her! Good for the shelter!!!
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Isn't that just wonderful I have alway's said I know there are people that care, there just aren't enough people who care enough
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That is awesome! I know wthat will go along way in helping your shelter!
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That's great news!
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well thats just fantastic you are right there are some very kind and caring people out there
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Yay that's great I always say there are angels in the world.
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Some people are just the greatest!
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Oh how I would love to be able to do that! How wonderful of her!!!
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AWESOME! That's good for some goosebumps.
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Thats wonderful - I really wish I had the money to donate like that
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Wow!! That is awsome and I'm sure the shelter appreciated and needed it.
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What a wonderful woman She must really love furry beasts!
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