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Foster family is here!!

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Hi folks!

They're here! My foster family. Mama kitty is a ragdoll and she's got gorgeous blue eyes (seal point) and her name is Stormy. Her three babies are dolls. They're black/white, black/gray and another that looks like a twin to the black and gray. They're just dolls you guys--they warmed right up to me and are doing great!! I hope I do a good job!!! I take them back in 2 wks for vaccinations and they even provided food which is good because financially it'd be difficult otherwise. Wish us luck! May I fatten their bellies, help them to grow and secure them loving homes!!


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Aww! They sound adorable!. Good luck with being a foster mommy!
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You're gonna be a great mama! How old are the kittens, do you know? Do you have to find the whole family a home? They sound so cute! Are you equipped to get us pictures at any point? Keep us posted, have fun and good luck! Give a few skritches from me, please!:tounge2:
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They're about 5 wks old but VERY tiny. Yes, I should be able to get some photos up soon. They can give you disks now w/ 35mm film when they develop so it's quite easy, I'm excited for you folks to see them. Mom is a bit lethargic, I'm worried but hopefully with time she'll be ok. Apparently her human passed away while she was still "with kitten" and she's been shuffled a bit since. I think with some time she'll be ok----I HOPE.

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Bless you for taking in this family! It must have been hard on Mama to lose her person, her home, and have kittens all at once. I am sure with the loving care they will get from you, they will all be fine.
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Elyse - wonderful news! In your care, they will all do well and flourish!
I can't wait to see pictures!
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developed...darn what I wouldn't do for a digital already! LOL!! They're thriving, growing...doing beautifully. Stormy has come out of her shell and has began allowing me to comb her (not sure if some of you are aware but I believe she was abused, first time I tried to comb her she began blinking and shrinking way profusely at the mere SIGHT of a comb) in any event, she trusts me very much--I think she'd prefer to stay on w/ me...I'm considering that actually, I think another move may prove horrific for her. The kittens are doing great to--leery of course but playful nonetheless. This has been SO rewarding, I couldn't recommend it enough.


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I am so very happy for you and the kits of course!
Those pics are going to be beautiful!
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Yippee! Can't wait for pics! :tounge2:

Thinking of keeping Stormy? I know I couldn't ever be a foster mama - I'd want to keep them all. LOL! I thought it sounded like a difficult job!!!!
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but then I'm a worry wart anyway. It didn't dawn on me fully about the abuse aspect but I'll deal with it. I'm sure I can locate her a home just as loving as ours and the transpo part will probably be the most stressful. My mom wants her actually-lol, but my mom has a border collie (yikes, hyper buns') so I'm not sure that'll be her best option as far as homes...(no offense mom!).


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