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Does your kitty have a meow?

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Over the past three years of fostering little kittens I have noticed that some cats have a strong meow and some seem to not have much of a meow.
So I was just wondering what you all think?
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Each kitty has their own distinct voice, tone, and personality, just as we humans.
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My Rosie has long meows, where as Sophies still sound like a little kitten squeek
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Originally Posted by rosiemac View Post
My Rosie has long meows, where as Sophies still sound like a little kitten squeek
BTW the smudge sisters look just darling in their little hats!
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Radar still has a kitten miaow. He doesn't talk that much. I don't think he's realised that he can get my attention by miaowing, and that it's really not necessary to dig his claws into my leg when he wants something!
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All mine have very different meows. Easy has a soft quite meow that is a mix between a purr and a meow. Laura has a very dainty girly meow. Kiko has a crying meow that can be loud and can be just under his breath, whimpering kind of way (and he meows A LOT). Tino's is very drawn out and long. And Ducky's meow is a combination of a chirp and a meow and he also uses his meow very frequently.

I can be in another room and hear one of them and know exactly who it is.
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My girls meow differently depending on what they want. If they want wet food they both meow very loudly with a demanding tone. If they just want attenton Phantom has a tiny meow they you can barely hear and Phenom has more of a chirp!
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yup, all mine have different meows
Sapphire- she trills
Jinx- she's a screamer
Nemo- have never heard him make a peep
Zeus- same as Nemo
Demeter- she kinda has a gurgly meow, if that makes sense
Antigone- squeaks
Nike- another screamer, but not as bad as Jinx, thank goodness
Hermes- also a triller
Orion- haven't heard him make a sound
Pandora- she's kinda of a chirper
Gaia- basically a normal meow
Athena- I just got her so I don't really know yet
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Bijou is a fellow of few words but when he does deign to speak it is very manly Siamese. Mika on the other hand was born with a voice defect and has no meow at all. She is only able to make little "huffing" noises to get our attention and it is so darn cute that she can have anything she asks for. She has John totally wrapped around her little paw with her little huff voice.
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prince has the almost purr mixed with a meow meow, lol and princess has a few when she is all alone or wants something she has a long drawn out loud meow and her other meow is kinda soft like she is talking to her self kinda like princess's but i always can tell who meows when i am in another room
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Opie has a loud "r-r-r-r-ROW", Rowdy yowls and Buddy has an itty-bitty squeak.
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When I have conversations with Scratch, she has a high pitched chirp. Other than that, she trills most of the time.
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Viola is a siamese, need I say more? Natasha on the other hand chortles, that the best way I can describe her meow. It's very cute-less demanding than Viola's yowl!!!
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Quill has a chirp most of the time, very trilly and sweet.
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Bumper doesn't meow, he chirps, screeches and blurbs but not neows
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Wow Loki has so many different voices - here are a few

When he is happy - trill purr

soft pathetic meow - for sympathy

breathy meow - when he is relaxed

a loud MEOWWWWWWWW - when he wants you

MAWWAWAWOOO - the sound that can be heard around the world - when I am in trouble
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8-Bit talks and talks in a very strong way. Scratch on the other had has a soft high pitched meow that is just darling.
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Jasmine- well, she's Siamese- i'll leave it at that she will go "MMMMMMMEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW".....over and over again at the top of her lungs whenever the mood strikes her she's very talkative- it's adorable

Isabella- she is usually pretty quiet- she chirps a bit and sort of squeaks like a kitten- it's cute!

Velvet- she'll stretch her little legs out to touch my arm or leg and then go "meow" once or twice to get my attention

Abilene- she's soo funny- she'll meow like a little kitten, but attack you like a pit bull if you cross her (she's my little feral girl)
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Originally Posted by rosiemac View Post
My Rosie has long meows, where as Sophies still sound like a little kitten squeek
Thats how Harley & Davidson are too - Harley has long meows and Davidson is a little squeeker
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Daisy has a very loud meow, she almost sounds like she's lost and looking for us Lucy had a high pitch meow and usually only talks when she's getting a treat or when she's jumping down from somewhere. Annabelle isn't much of a talker at all. She usually just chirps at the birds and that's it.
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When Sleeves Miaows it always sounds like he's asking a question.
He has different miaows for different things. He has a cushion that he likes to kneed and sometimes he cant manage to kick it onto the floor to get going on it properly so he yelps his head off so that if Im upstairs in bed, I know exactly whats wrong so I come down and put it on the floor for him.
His miaows are very high pitched and feminine.
Nismo is completely different. She skwarks instead of miaowing. She sometimes sounds like a duck, sometimes a crow. Either way she is a bird trapped in a cats body
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Mister has the loudest meow of my lot. Scampi doesn't meow she squeaks like a mouse and squeals when excited.
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Trout has like 4 meows..

She has a small pathetic.."pet me" meow
She has a loud obnoxious "wake up mom" meow
She has a sharp quick loud meow "leave my belly alone" meow
She has a long drawn out "I just woke up and where is my mom" meow

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Harriet sounds like she's been smoking for 30 years. It's very distinct and very funny. used to make everyone at the shelter giggle.
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Lily has a very loud siamese meow. Though she doesnt look it her dad was a siamese/ brown tabby mix. Her mom was a patched tabby mix.

Annie Rose has a loud meow when she wants to meow but shes pretty quite most of the time.

Kitten most of the time she does what I call the silent meow. But if she is looking for one of the other animals and cant find it she sounds like a cat in heat.
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Lily has a beautiful kitteny "mow" that she uses when on the bed. She'll be rubbing around me purring and doing soft little mows at me and she's irresistable!

Stumpy's pretty quiet, but has a regular meow if I'm outside, and she's in the window and has seen me coming toward her! At night time she'll walk around outside our bedroom doing a loud "MOWRRR MOWRRRR" which is really deep and guttural like she's in heat, or has just lost something As soon as I call out to her she comes running in to the bedroom purring and she's fine then

Crazy cat!
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Originally Posted by Fats McGee View Post
Harriet sounds like she's been smoking for 30 years. It's very distinct and very funny. used to make everyone at the shelter giggle.
that is too funny!!! lol, i'd love to hear an audio clip of that
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Chasey has a few different meows. Two of them sound like: "rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryan" and "wyan" Others she does are too hard to translate into written symbols or phonetic spellings.
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