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Cat Grass....good or bad?!

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I all...I just wanted to ask if anyone has heard of cat grass? Its in the pet dept. and I got some to grow for my cat so that she would stay away from my spider plant. That did work! But now, shes puking it up all the time. Is this normal? I already give her sav for hair ball remedy, so i guess to eliminate all the puking is to get rid of the plant now???? She likes it so much, but i feel soooooo bad seeing my poor wittle cat puke. Just wanted a little input. Thanks all!
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Yes, cat grass is good for your cat. It gives the cat nutrients and fiber that it requires. Be sure to get the cat grass from a pet store; it's 'the right kind'.
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When I tried cat grass it didn't stay fresh that long. I didn't immediately notice when it went bad but there started to be a lot of flies hanging around the plant. Finally I checked the roots of the plant hidden by the pot and noticed that the flies were eating them and laying eggs in there. The roots looked bad even though the rest of the plant was healthy looking. Could it be that the plant has just gone bad and that is what is making your cat puke?
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My girlies adore their catgrass, and at all times, we have a pot out for them to enjoy while the other is in the window growing! Instead of one of the ready kits available, we grow our own in terra cotta pots by planting organic seeds in potting soil.
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Animals often eat grass and stuff when they have upest tummies. It usually results in puking which makes them feel better after.
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Maybe she's eating too much of it?

Like Stephanie we grow organic seeds in terracotta pots. Planting a new one each week so it's always fresh.
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Hi all and thank you for your advice and comments on the cat grass. It just started growing this weekend, so i know it hasnt gone bad. Maybe she just did end up eating to much of it. Im sure thats what happened! Thank you again though.
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My two oldest cats absolutely love cat-grass. To them it's almost as good as their regular food! Hope you figured out what was bugging her tummy.
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I everyone!!! I just wanted to give an update and let you know that Pickles hasnt gotten sick since my post. Maybe she knows her limits now on how much her tummy can handle...or...maybe it just didnt agree w/ her. We'll see what happens though, i guess im just a worry wart when it comes to my Pickle baby. Thats what i call her....she knows and comes right to me when i say "Wheres my Pickle Baby" in a cute lil' voice. Shes such a good kitty to me. I love her and she is sooo loved and spoiled!!!!
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I got it for my 2, but all it did was attract those pesky little fruit flies....and turn brownish yellow....but I don't have a green anything....
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I heard it's good, but I don't think we should put it inhere: our boys annihilate all flora they can get their paws on They do like plants, they like to rip 'em up badly. The house would be covered with the stuff in five minutes

You should see the floor when they've had some catnip
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My old putty cat Pudding loved cat grass but it made him really sick everytime. I eventually had to stop growing it! I think some kitty cats just cant keep it down! But good to hear its going better now!
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Cats, and dogs, need the green stuff, they really do. In a natural habitat, they would have seek it out. Here's the thing, spider plants are a delicacy for cats! They come in second only to the ponytail palm which is the absolute best treat in the world for cats. I buy both those plants for my cats to munch. I know, I know! They are so pretty and then they're mush. I gave up trying to keep one intact.

When they throw up the grass, most often what you will see is bile and a blade of grass at least an inch long,probably more. If I had that stuck in my throat, I would yuk it up. Have noticed that if my cats eat their greens before the meal, which they mostly do like us with a salad (there's no free-feeding here), then they do not throw up. But if they eat the grasses after the meal, they are likely to throw up a little.

All in all, grasses very good for cats. You can easily grow a pot or tub of yard grass. There's a mixture of rye, fescue & something else you can get from Home Depot, all of it safe for cats and they like it.

Now usually, I buy the small cheap ponytails when I can find them. This pic is one of the prettiest plants I've ever seen. It's a ponytail palm and the fronds are curly. Have never found another one. But I bought this knowing my cats would eat it and they devoured it in no time. I had to close them away to bring it in, they are that anxious for it. The pic speaks for itself.

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