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Kitten relentless in attacking cat

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Hi, you were all helpful to me in introducing my kitten, Harry, to my 3 year old princess Isabelle. She was NOT interested in meeting him, although I kept them apart for seven weeks (no small feat, trying to give each one enough attention). They seemed fine at the introduction, although Isabelle did continue to growl and hiss at him. He, at that time, was 3 months old. He had a growth spurt and now is as tall as Izzy (he's 4 1/2 months old) and very strong, and he stalks her and attacks her INCESSANTLY. She screams and runs away, she fights back fiercely, and she hides. Her life is he**. We try to re-direct him, and he is NOT interested in anything but her. I met a woman who had the same situation and she said after TEN YEARS it is still the same, her female, older cat lives in a constant state of harrassment. TIPS please!!! I love them both... he is scheduled to be fixed next month. We do put him in 'his' room at night, and Izzy snuggles in bed with us happily, so she gets 8 uninterrupted hours of sleep - does this ever work out? Sorry it's long, once again I'm at my wits' end....
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I, too facing the same problem as well. My Rico is abt 1 yr plus old now n he had been constantly harrasing my female cat, Yelena whom is abt his age, Casper (4 yr old) n Wesley (5 yr old). Yelena wud freak out when she saw Rico. Rico at times wud juz go near to Casper n Wesley n smack their head with his paw which pisses them off...

Therefore, i had to resort of putting Rico in a 3-tier cage while i m away to avoid him harrasing the others. but when i m at home, he will roam around the house with me eyeing on him. He knew how to behave when I'm around certainly.

U can try to get them closer while u're monitoring them but do bare in mind that, they may not get along well for good. juz be prepared for that.
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Well, I was going through the same problem, and while I am not a vet, I can tell you my own personal experience. My 1 yr old spayed female, who was enjoying knocking some sense into her 3 mos old un-neutered male little brother, started getting more annoyed with him. He was going on 4 mos, and getting increasingly aggressive, not mean at all, but more aggressive or more dominant. She was running away. We got him neutered, and most has calmed down. They still play, but she can get away from him if she doen't want to be bothered. I would suggest 2 litter boxes, one say in your bedroom, and one in a central location. This way if Isabelle (love the name, it will be my daughter's name if I ever have one) needs alone time for a breather, you can put her in there & close the door, checking on her from time to time of course. My LuckyGirl loves her alone time on my bed and I don't even have to keep 2 boxes, I just close the door & peek in every 10 minutes or so.... Good luck!
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I agree the neutering should help some of this. And time. He sounds like he is tryng to show dominance and be the king. I don't think it will be long before you little girl shows him who is boss. Good luck getting things settled!
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