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getting there NOT lol

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Well i attempted to do a siggy I am still waiting for someone to do one, and its ok that its taking long i understand it is the holidays lol but i got a free trial from photo bucket and here is my first attempt..i dont think its that good and it almost took me all night to figure it out that one information that someone made on how to make siggys really helped me though but here it is i kno its bad, but it is my first time lol
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i kno its bad, but hey i tried and its still too big darnet lol...i got some things to work on well alot, but this is a free trial so what can i do i have 30 days to experiement lol
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well I think thats a FAB siggy for a 1st attempt !!! I also had photoshop on trial for 30 days, I thought I´d never crack it, but with lots of help for the Sig.Helpers - drop them PM I´m sure they would love to help - and Anakat - I finally managed to get things right - you know size, not too fuzzy, cats placed correctly etc.........etc.... it will all come - but you are right you have to spend a fair few hours on the thing !!

Good Luck - keep at it

ps - youre welcome to PM me with any q´s - cant promise exact tech.support but I´ll help no worries
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I think it is an excelent first try, a lot better than mine was

I have re-sized it for you

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All of our first tries are terrible, and that is a great attempt.

What programme are you using?

If you need any help with it, just PM me, I use photoshop but have tried most of them
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I hate to go off topic but I can't PM you ProudKittieMom... I am working on a Stormie sig and was wondering if your Stormie is a boy or girl?
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my stormies a girl
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