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Morgan le fay

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Back in my teen years i went to a local APL to get a black cat for my GF, she was born oct 31 and had always wanted a black cat. I did not know they would not let black cats go back then. How i was looking at the young cats one of about 2 years of age, kept looking at me, and trying to grab my coat, so i said i would take her. The women said sorry we dont adopt out black cats during this time. The other lady there said, go ahead let him take her, she will be PTS on friday anyway.

Well i took her to the GF house, and kitty hissed at the GF(only person she ever did that with, guess she had better taste then me) So i took her home with me,until she had a chance to get used to the GF. I named the kitty Morgan le Fay or mostely we called her morganle. little did i know, the terror and fun she would cause for years.

I am really sorry baby, i was not very good with cats back then you where the first one, i ever had. SO we kinda had to learn together. I still miss you, after all these years. I shocked to learn that you would come when called, you would bring me your toys to play. I can still hear your yeow and see you in my mind dragging your shoe string to me. I still have your shoe string and your laser that you liked. I am sorry that dragged you all aournd the country. you never had real home accept for the last few years. I had to you leave behind with mom and dad. there you had room to run and play. i come to see you every weekend. But mom used to tell me how you would cry when i left after staying the weekend there. i remember how you used to sit on my shoulders, how you used to love to lick my ears and groom my face fur.

the family still tells stories of you stealing jewery(how you used to open the jewery box), playing with mom's earrings how she was still wearing them Your fetish for rubber bands. man i remember mom yelling bruce grab that cat she has my credit cards. 2 seconds later you come and jump on the bed with all of mom credit cards that she had wrapped in a rubber band. Bad kitty it is not nice to steal things out of a ladies bag. lol she used to grab mouth full of hair of any women that sat next to me, and start to pull it out guess you never learned to share. there is one very funny story i would like to share, but i cant on a family site.how youmade a game of escape on those time you got out, you would just turn and sit down, with that look of I WIN, how you waited for us to come and pick you up.

I know you had gotten sick, and the vet could not find anything wrong, we had set up
the next line of tests monday for you. When mom called said i should come back home that you would not make it. So i turned around and came back home. the sight of you trying sooo hard to get up from your bed to come meet me at the door is still burned into my brain. i stayed there all night petting you. in the morning i left for school. how mom was getting ready to take you to the vet, but you died between the time i life and mom come down to get you. i wish i had made the vet do those tests on saturday, and not waited until monday. I am sorry baby i gave you the best i could. I still think of you.

sometimes 14 years is just not long enough.

We will meet again,
but not yet.
until then play at the bridge,(and remember it is not nice to try and steal god's rubber bands)
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Nice memories imp. Play happy and free Morgan, your friend will see you again.
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Oh my goodness, what a character Morgan sounds! Morgan will be playing happily at the bridge, but you'll be the first one she sees when the time is right, so make sure you have something with a rubber band around for her to play with
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Your beautiful words will fly high to the Bridge........... and Morgan will know how much she was loved and IS still loved she sounds a real peach now she has a very important job to do - looking after all the kitties that have to fly over the Bridge - well she´ll do a grand job
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Morgan sounds like quite a character. I loved reading your tribute. RIP precious kitty.
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What a beautiful pen picture of a special friend.

Rest in peace and play Morgan le Fay.
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Morganle sounds like she was a totally adorable little girl. Rest in Peace sweet girl
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RIP Morganle, you did your duty by creating another cat lover!
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Originally Posted by katiemae1277 View Post
RIP Morganle, you did your duty by creating another cat lover!
she really was a character and half. more then any other kitty i have been around.
I wonder if its not a big master plan give someone that likes animals as it is. A cat that is part dog, that loves to be played with and held, and is a trouble maker.
that way you keep looking for another kitty that is like that

thanks for your comments everyone. I am not very good expressing my thoughts and feelings by the way of writting.
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