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Do cats have allergies?

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My husband and I have two cats. Oscar is a three month old kitten that we got recently from my best friend.

He sneezes constantly! At least once an hour, but it used to be more. Elmo, our big cat, would always put his nose on me, and it would be cold and wet. So I learned to avoid Kitty nose. However, Oscar started putting his little nose on me, and it is completely dry.

Also, Oscar has black "stuff" that gets in his nose (I have no idea what it is, I am assuming it's mucus). Sometimes, I will wipe it out, but I don't want to hurt his little nose, so I try to leave it to nature, and it will go away, but it keeps coming back.

Is it allergies, or could he have something wrong with him? If it's allergies, how do I find what he's allergic to?
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It might be a URI or even Feline Herpes. I would take him into the vet and have him looked at. There are also allergy test you can have done.
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My girl had the black stuff in her nose. It's feline herpes, and it is controlled (not cured) by l-lysine that you can obtain from a vet.

I'd also invest in a HEPA filtered vacuum and use dust-mite killing detergent, and get a humidifier. The humidifier goes a LONG way toward eliminating the crust in Gizmo's nose.

Good luck.
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Time to get the vet to diagnois and explain your options... I am hoping your kitty gets better fast ...
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