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Please say a prayer for Sheena

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My 2 yr. old German Shepherd Sheena has been missing since yesterday. My husband saw her when he left for work at 6:30 AM, but we have not seen her since. Last night we drove around looking for her, and also early this morning we looked. There is no sign of her. I am fearing the worst, since she has never been missing before, she doesn't go very far. I fear she may have been hit by a car. There's no sign of her, though..but it is hard to see down in the ditches because of all the tall grass and weeds. Please say a prayer that she will show up soon...I just love this dog, and she is such a sweet, kind hearted dog. She wouldn't hurt a flea, and doesn't know a stranger...she is very trusting, and loving. I will be heartbroken if we find her dead, or she never returns.
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I will say a prayer in your direction that Sheena comes home safely.
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Deb - my prayers are on their way!
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Sending postive energy and prayers in your direction.
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Sending prayers for a quick and safe return.
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Sending positive vibes that Sheena will return safely!
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Oh, Debby, I know what you're going through! I didn't share this here at the time but 4 months ago our beloved dog Bambi went missing I still miss her so badly! She was the best dog anyone can wish for and we loved her very much. We still don't know what happened to her...

Maybe you can try phoning local animal shelters and vets? Perhaps, just perhaps someone found her and brought her in? Ask the neighbors maybe?

I'm sending prayers your way that Sheena is found soon and that she's safe. I know how heart breaking this must be for you!!!
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Oh Debby! This must be such a stressful time for you considering you just had the baby. I'm sending happy thoughts and positive energy that Sheena will return home safetly. Hopefully someone found her and took her in because she is such a sweet dog. Keep us updated. And see if you can call all the animal shelters, animal hospitals and anybody else that you can think of that would be able to help you.
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Any news on Sheena?
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Any news on Sheena yet?
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Anne, I am so sorry to hear about Bambi. And no, there is no news on Sheena yet. I have called all over, and we have looked all over. I fear the worst.
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Sending lots of 'come home soon Sheena" vibes all the way from Western Australia.
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Thank you so much!!! I am trying not to think about it, but I am really depressed about it. In the 2 years we have had her (since she was 3 months old) she has never been missing, and I just know something has happened to her. If someone ran over her, I just wish we at least knew, so we could find her body and bury her.

I called a bunch more places tonight, and noone has seen her. I am going to put an ad in the local paper, and also there is a radio show broadcast on our local radio network in the mornings for people buying and selling things, or for lost pets, I am going to call in and ask people to keep an eye out for her.

I miss her so much already. She was such a good dog.
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Oh Debby! I'm so sorry! I know this isn't the stress you need right now is it!? I pray she comes home none the worse for wear and looking for pettings and hugs for you all!
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Thank you...I really hope so.
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Am saying many prayers for Sheena.
Mom to Jessie, Nikkie, Luckie, Lady & Sammy
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Debby: I'm so sorry to hear that Sheena's missing. Sending "Come home right NOW" energy and stamina to you and yours. I sure hope you find her soon!
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Debby, I'm so sorry to hear this. I'm hoping for the best, and sending my good Sheena-Come-Home energy to you.
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I hope you find her soon Debby. The worst part is not knowing
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Poor Debby! You really don't need any stress now! I hope she is safe and on her way home!
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I hope she is safe and will be home with you soon.

My thoughts are with you.
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Debbie I am soooooooooooo sorry. Have you put up flyers in your neighborhood? That might help!
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Sending prayers for Sheena
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Lots of love and prayers going up for Sheena to make a safe and speedy return!!!!
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Any news Debby? Haven't seen you online, I hope Sheena has returned to you by now safe and sound.
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Thank you all for your prayers. I called the local radio station and advertised that she was missing and gave a description and my phone number....noone called. I just know she has been hit, I just hope she did not suffer. I just wish we at least knew where she was, so we could bury her, but at this point, there won't be much left to bury, in this heat, and Friday will be one week....I just miss her so much...she was such a good dog...I wish someone had the balls to call and tell us they hit her...pretty much all the traffic anywhere near us are people who live around I am quite sure they knew whose dog it was.
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