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Kitten grooming his fur right out!

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Hello all..
I have a 14 week old kitten who has had a tough time of it so far. We got him from a local rescue shelter, and after correcting the mistake that she was in fact a he, things were fine. Until.. one evening when I noticed a gash had opened up on his belly, right near his genetalia. It wasn't bleeding, but, the open wound was right into muscle cavity, and was as wide as a quarter, give or take. Off to the vet we immediately went, where he discovered the kitten had just been neutered too soon, and it was an infection. So, he got all sewed up, put onto amoxicylin, and things seemed fine.

He has been off the amoxycilin for about a week now, and I've noticed (before he went off, I can't say there is a correlation) that he has a bare patch on his tail. It is about 2" from the tip and about 1 1/2" in length, running the whole circumference of his tail. As if he were a crazy groomed poodle. The skin is rough to the touch, perhaps from over grooming, perhaps from something else. I don't see any bleeding, any ticks, fleas, anything obvious at least. There is no where else he grooms excessively. Just this section of tail, which also happens to be the part right in front of his face when he curls up. As if it is a tempting nosh to snack on at night. He is on Hill's Science Diet for kittens, he eats well since the surgery (right before, he was losing his appetite), he plays with his toys, the hanging bells & shiny strips on a string, he bats around his balls, and nibbles my fingers in a very kitten like way. He seems socially fine, curls up with anyone, runs around during his "freak out" periods all around, running into anything.

Any suggestions or ideas? He may have some slight discoloration around his mouth just on his upper lips, I'm not quite convinced though. To me, this could be allergies, could be nervous habit, could be fleas, could be dry skin. I just have no idea. He will be off to the vet, just wanted some friendly advice.


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I would advise another vet visit///

My Zoey had that and it was food allergies
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