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This week with No More Homeless Pets:
Most of the time, feral cats do just fine being humanely live trapped, neutered, and then released back to the wild to live out their natural lives under the watchful eye of a caretaker who provides them with food and shelter.

On occasion, perhaps if they need medication, feral cats can learn to at least tolerate being handled by humans. Sometimes after taming they even go on to be a companion animal in someone's home.

This week, you are invited to help fellow animal welfare advocates by sharing your real examples of the techniques you've used to humanely and safely calm feral cats. YOU are the Special Guest!

Please submit your detailed, descriptive advice to Send anytime this week, the deadline is this Friday, November 17, 2006. Multiple submissions are okay, and large picture attachments of cats you've helped are also welcome.

That way, others can see exactly what has worked and can use your successful techniques to help cats in their area.

Submissions will be posted within the No More Homeless Pets community. To participate, please visit the Special Guests section of the No More Homeless Pets online community