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Where should a put a new kitty?

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I have applied to adopt cat #2 (5 month old male). My current cat is 8 months old. I know to introduce them I have to keep the new cat secluded until they get used to eachother's scents.

I have two options. I have a large bathroom that could easily hold a litterbox, food and a bed. The door doesn't close firmly (just sort of jams) so it might be a good place for them smell eachother.

My other option is my masterbedroom which has an adjoining master bathroom where the litterpan could go. The problem is the current cat likes to sleep under our bed in there and would throw a fit if he were not allowed in at night.

I am leaning toward the bathroom but I will feel sooo guilty if he cries a lot in there. How do handle the adjustment period if the cat is secluded and crying? I will certainly "visit" him but I can't be in the bathroom all day.

I am really, really, hoping this goes well the new cat does have to stay in there long.
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The bathroom should work, they might not need to be seperated for too long, maybe if they are hopefully both neutered there won't be any problems. But anyways, play some soft music or a radio talk show for him while he is in there.
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Its not like you have to separate them a long time - a few days at the most. I'd go for the bedroom. After all, the resident cat's scent is in there and that will help speed up the process.

After about 2-3 days then switch places - resident cat in the bedroom for about a day and new one allowed to explore house.

Then put the new one in a large carrier and let the resident one investigate. Expect them to still hiss or growl at each other, but if things are pretty calm, turn the new one loose and supervise.

But to not interfer with some hissing - only stop if they get physical with each other.

When we bring Charlie home (our ocicat kitten) he will spend a few days in the library and the dog/cat in the rest of the house. Then we will switch and go from there.
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