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Cat Fancy!

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Hey everyone - I need to share this with you. Yesterday I got a call from Cat Fancy magazine - they are doing a story in the August issue of Cat Fancy about Helping Paws! They got letters from my co-workers and from someone who writes for them that I helped in the past. They interviewed my husband and I for three hours last night and a photographer will take pics this weekend. They will put in all about the sanctuary, our work and what we stand for. They have called my vet, some of the people I have helped and the people who donated the land to us. I am VERY very excited. This is a wonderful opportunity for Helping Paws and all the hard work all of my volunteers and my husband and I put forth to help the animals. This is the type of coverage the Sanctuary needs so all of Connecticut will know it exists. I feel so blessed tonight!
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Way to go! Surely the article will inform and inspire many, many people! It's wonderful of you to have created a sanctuary for abandoned/rejected cats. You and all those who've helped you should be very happy and proud: not only because a respected publication is recognizing your fine efforts, but because so many more people will appreciate and understand the magnitude of the problem and the necessity for action and support.


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Dear Rene,
I can't tell you how wonderful I feel for your achievements! OUTSANDING! To think of all that work and then FINALLY someone recognizes it...and not just any body either! I do believe I'm basically repeating Mr. Cat! lol...However; you do need to be recognized and commended for your most some of the most difficult efforts anyone could endure! You're one of God's Angel's for the babies! Congratualtions

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Congratulations. I hope the article inspires many others!!
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Wow!!! That is exciting! Would that be on the "unsung heros" series?
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Yes it is on the unsung heroes series. Rene called me the other night to tell me that they might be calling me as well to be interviewed as one the Helping Paws' volunteers and the public relations liaison. I'm keeping my fingers crossed! It is a great opportunity for HP to be recognized for all their hard work and to make Connecticut aware of our sanctuary. Cat Fancy is the only magazine that I read faithfully front to back.
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Dear Donna,
Wow, another chance to: : :flash: :flash:
:flash: :flash:
My figers are crossed for you too!
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Yaaaay Rene!!!! Way to go!!! What an honor that is!!! And Donna I hope you get a chance to do it too!
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Thanks for your words - tomorrow we are having pictures taken for the article - Milo, Star and some of our other babies as well as one or two fosters - oh, and I guess Clint and I will have at least one picture taken of us. I hate pictures because I always feel fat.

My vet told me that Cat Fancy has already called them, also the person who donated the land to us got a call and one of my co-workers who wrote the letter about me. So they are following up - they may not call my volunteers as they figure they would say nice things about me. But I certainly bragged about them because without all of us together we could not do what we do. We all need to do things for the cats as a team.
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Way to go all of you that help Helping Paws. I knew about it as I speak with Rene at least once a week. I am so proud of all of you but I've always been proud even before Cat Fancy found out about you. I am especially excited as I get a signed autographed copy because Rene, Clint and the rest of the volunteers are my best friends. I've been bragging about the article to all my friends here on the westcoast. I've even got some of my friends here wanting a copy. GUYS, I'M SO PROUD OF YOU. I remember what it was like being involved with a rescue squad as I was part of one when I lived in New York. YOU GO GUYS.

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What a way to get the word out too! Great going!
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Dear Rene,
I don't know why, but my postings are getting lost and I'm just gonna keep posting till ya see it! So....Congratualtions, and :flash: :flash: :flash:

have a great time and don't worry about the fat thing...we all think we look fat! lol
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Oh Catarina! Please don't tell me you think you look fat! I saw your pictures on your web site and there isn't an ounce of fat there!
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Thanks for saying exactly what I was thinking!!!!! If Catarina thinks SHE looks fat, then there is simply NO hope for the rest of us!!!!

This is sooo exciting! You'll have to tell us what issue you'll be in!
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Dear Anne & Deb


LOL I'm very unhappy to report that I have gained much more weight and NEED to get back to the gym myself...It's been very sporadic for me! I get so angry at myself...rrrrrrrrr

I refuse to buy larger sizes! That's the only thing that saves my butt from getting any bigger (pun or no pun intended).
I love sugar and bread; which is not the best thing when you're a bodybuilder....also unhappy to report; I can be very human too LOL Which is pretty cool, cause otherwise maybe I wouldn't love cats so much

Oh, what issue of Cat Fancy will this be in????
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Hey Deb

They will be in the August issue which goes on sale in July. And Rene, you're not fat, just loved by all of us (especially Clint). Hey guys I need to tell you that Clint is the most wonderful person I've met. He's so loving and so caring. He and Rene were made for each other. As for Rene's girls, they are also very loving and caring. Hey, when I die, I want to come back as one of their cats. My ex use to tell me that he wanted to come back as one of mine cause they are so spoiled, but I've decided since I can't come back as one of mine, I want to be one of Rene's. Thanks Rene and Clint for being who you are. You definitely made a name for yourselves in the big litter box and play park (for the dogs) in the sky.

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Thanks everyone for your kind words - especially from those of you who do not personally know me (Anne, Catarine, etc.). Picures were taken today and we got a great picture of Milo, Merlot, Cupid and Star on a ladder - if it comes out as well as I think it will, it will go to Cat fancy and I will ask Sandie to post in on the site. Also, took a few pictures of Clint and I and Michele came over and showed off kittens. I have a great bunch of friends, who also happen to be my volunteers and together we have truly made a safer place for our kitties.
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Dear Rene,

Wow, what an exciting day! That must've been so rewarding....awesome! Congratulations!!!!!

My postings are mysteriously getting lost around here.. This is the second one I've lost on this thread....I really hope you get this one, becuse I can't express how very proud to be involved with people such as yourself your Hubby, and all the volunteers.

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