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Ruckus in the street....

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I am so sick of this neighborhood. I got home from work and had to use the bathroom so I'm in there and I had heard this family get home at the same time I did. The little boy in the family is one of the ones who used a broom to paint the tail light on my car I've only just had a year with mud a few weeks ago. His friend is the one who hit that same car with a rock.

Well I start hearing all this banging outside and I think, maybe he's throwing stuff at his shed again. But then I got nervous and threw on some jeans. (I was in the process of getting out of my work clothes at that point.)

I quickly opened my door and what did I see? My neighbor who is not in the best of health (a slightly older gentleman, with a pacemaker) standing between his teenage daughter and a few teenage boys. (dressed like hoodlums....the kids that hit my house with a rock about 2 months ago) My neighbor is hollering something past the boys at some other kids I can't see. Something about who was involved and something about do they think he doesn't have eyes. He stumbled as he turned to walk back to his house. Parked next to his house is a work truck one of the teenage boy's Grandfather drives home from work. It's got signs on it that tell you it contains highly flammable fluids.

My study, where I am now, is right on the road. A few times now I've heard people running by. I'm not sure if it has anything to do with that. I've got the house light on. (I'm alone except for the kitties) My phone is next to me and has been in my pocket when I've gotten up.

I'm just so frustrated. I've always known there are drug problems and just lower class people in general too around here. But I've never had the problems or seen the things like lately. I lived here alone during DH's deployments without any fear or any problems. DH and I want to wait another 2-2.5 years before buying a house. Right now is not the time I know that. We technically own our trailer, just not the lot. I just don't know what to do. I want out. I want a nice quiet neighborhood and more space, etc.

I was already super stressed from work. This is just....I'm just so done right now. I mean my patience, emotions, nerves, etc....are just spent. Spent on work, spent on this neighborhood. I'm sorry I'm rambling but no one I've tried to talk to lately seems to understand. This is so crappy.
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for you Leighann. It sounds pretty rough around there, but I don't know what options you really have. Unless you can find somewhere to buy some land and move your trailer and THEN build on it.

Or I can come up there with a stick and we can take care of those brats!
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I'm so sorry that things suck so bad right now for you. I'm in a not dissimilar situation. PM me if you'd like to vent; I can't promise any good advice.

Maybe you could sit down with your bank or a local agency that gives free financial advice, and have a look at if and how you might be able to speed up your buying a house timetable.

You are in my thoughts and prayers.
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Aw, I'm sorry you are so frustrated tonight. What a bunch of crapheads in your neighbourhood.

I am sending lots of vibes that things will get better..

Are you able to move to another place for rent for a few years BEFORE you buy?
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Like Trouts Mom suggested, can you move and rent a couple more years? I know that moving anywhere is a huge hassle, but compared to the constant strain of living where you are, I'd say it was worth it.
I understand when you feel trapped in a crappy neighbourhood. It really gets you down in a hurry, and you feel so stuck.
I'm hoping you guys can just leave and soon. Clearly things aren't improving around there.
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I just called DH. Thoes boys were back out and 'wrestling' in the street...and wrestled themselves right up against my house with a nice bang. Fortunately while I was on the phone with DH the kid's grandfather got home. Now it's quiet out. I told DH we have to do something. I don't like not feeling safe here anymore. It feels worse because it's dark out so early.

I've been suggesting and suggesting that DH talk with someone from our church about finanical planning for our house and things. We have an IRS agent, a big wig for a state accounting office, and another state big wig who all handle lots of money and are experienced in that stuff. I think if he doesn't get moving and get some advice....I will for him! The main reason we want to wait is not just to save money and get other debt paid off, but also because it takes a few years to reach full salary with DH's company. His pay isn't bad now and I work too...but it will be a bit more comforatble in a few years. Living where we do now, we have a little more cushion and flexability at the end of the month...I guess the tradeoff has become what's gone on here this evening.
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I can completely empathize with you. I live here in Arizona and I don't begrudge anyone their music. But last night from 6:30 until about 9:00 there was a group of kids two doors down from me ( I live in a trailer park) that must have had a 12,000 watt woofer with a 30,000 watt bass. I swear I got a headache just from the vibrations.

I am beginning to literally hate Mexican music of any kind. Up to a point I feel sorry for the kids because the reason they have to have the music up so loud is that they are all deaf, but Lord almighty, night after night after night.

Park manager doesn't care, cops won't come in here and if you complain to the household who is causing the problem, you are likely to come home from work some day and find your trailer burned to the ground. I have kitties that I love in here. It IS frustrating.
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