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I need an opinion

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Okay, so You all know we are celebrating Brandon's birthday on Sat. My question is, we usually don't have people over during the holidays so, should I put up my Christmas decorations now so that everyone can see our house all decorated, or should I wait. No one will see them if I wait (probably.) What do you all think?
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Hmmm.... kinda early for decorations for me, but if you really want to show your family and friends what your place is like for the holidays, I say go for it! And Brandon might get a kick out of it as well!

(I'm also the one that hates going to the stores after July 4 and seeing halloween stuff )
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Put it up! I only say that because I'm putting all my stuff up today.

Do you have time to put everything up? Or would it be a big burdon to put it all up early for his party?
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I should be able to get it all up. I'm just gonna do it before Brent gets home from work The hardest part will be convincing him to do the tree
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I would say put it up if that is what you want to do. I would wait on the tree till after Thanksgiving though.
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I say put it up!
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You could put up some stuff - decorate one room maybe, and explain that you wanted them to see your house decorated (it might be a good hint for them to visit during the holidays, too!)

I wouldn't put up all the decorations though, or any of the outside ones. I don't celebrate Christmas, but my family does, and I did as a child. I always feel a little weird seeing Christmas stuff up (as decorations) or hearing Christmas music played in stores before December 1st. I don't object to seeing Christmas stuff for sale - I realise that Christmas shopping is best done early, and probably spaced out.

Personally, in general, I would wait til the 8th of December, but that's me.

My partner and I celebrate Yule, around December 21st, and we put some decorations (not many, I guess I'm a little Spartan with them!) usually around the 15th or so. Yule isn't as big as Christmas though. (We spend Christmas with BF's family).

Originally Posted by kittylover4ever View Post
I say put it up!
You would! You sig jumped straight to Christmas without even a nod to Thanksgiving!
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Put them up! Put them up!!! / hehe, i'm using all my self control right now not to completly decorate my house and Colin's house at the moment!!! I can't wait to decorate for Christmas- hehe, so you should totally go ahead and decorate and take lots of lovely pictures for all of us to see
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I would wait and invite people over closer to xmas - but then I don't even know where my boxes of xmas stuff are
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Well, we've got people around here with all of theri outside decorations up already and we've even seen some Christmas trees lit up through front windows - go ahead and put them up. Brandon will love it!
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I think you should go for it .... decorations and the tree!
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I would put them up, you put all that money into decorations, a person should get the fullest use out of them.

And of course i am putting mine up this weekend.
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