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Need Foster help on Long Island

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My colony is getting too big! I have four kittens approximately 10 weeks old that need to be fostered and gotten used to people so they can be adopted. Yes, I am spaying and neutering, but I still cannot catch one female...Midnight! And now I have to catch 3 others in addition to her to get spayed/neutered.
I have no room to bring them in as I already have cats in the house and we are full on people too with my sister staying here.
Please, if you can help or you know anybody that can help, please PM me.

Thank you,
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HI !!!!

i can't personally take any cats but go to allaboutspayneuter.com
and send them a message asking for help.


also go to the long island cat project and contact some of these groups....

i live in north babylon and work in melville.

i have 2 traps i can loan to you if that would help you ?

thank you so much for being so caring. i know how overwhelming it
can be and with so little to no help.

please keep us updated on your progress.

do these kittys and cats have shelter ?

would it help if i built you one or two rubbermaid type shelters for
them to buy you some time while you look for help ?

where on long island are you ?
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wow how wonderfull both of you are. I live in iowa so i cant help much.
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Sorry this is so long!

First I have to say how upset I am this morning! I went out to feed everybody and Midnight and the kittens are gone! I heard a noise last night and I opened the back door and the raccoon that visits was there so maybe that has something to do with it. I have been leaving him/her food so that he won't bother the kittens but maybe something happened to scare them. I will keep checking through the day. Midnight has taken them on trips before, but she always comes back...But that's why I want them in a home with a chance to get adopted.

I am in the Massapequa area. I already e-mailed AllAboutSpayneuter but I haven't gotten a response. I figured that they are overwhelmed at the moment. (As everybody is...) I am going to e-mail them again. I know that it says that they specialize in catching the ferals (Not necessarily fostering) and I do need that help with Midnight, but I think I can catch the kittens. Yesterday I was almost able to pick one up. I hope that didn't scare them!

I have a trap I use and I was caught up with my colony except for Midnight. I have written about her in other posts- She seems to be extremely intelligent and just won't go in the trap. When she is not taking care of any babies she just comes to eat and then leaves. She is not one that permanently stays in our yard. That's what makes it so difficult. She is gone alot and then shows up pregnant and eating a ton. Then disappears for a while and comes back thinner. So then I don't catch her because she is feeding kittens somewhere. And it doesn't help that she has her kittens somewhere else and then only brings them to my yard when they are 6-7 weeks old and ready to eat. If she had them in my yard I could catch them much more easily when they are young!

I do have rubbermaid shelters out there with straw. They get fed twice a day and occasionally get some turkey and lots of treats. My colony is spoiled!

It is overwhelming. Especially when you are so close to having them all spayed/neutered except for just one cat and then have to keep starting all over again! I believe I am doing all the right things, I just can't catch Midnight.

Thanks for all your help and encouragement! I will keep you all posted.
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JIL .... whats the update with the mama cat ?

have you caught her to be fixed ?

is she the one you posted about in another thread that has
been howling and will only stop when you come outside to pet her ?

the allaboutspayneuter lady lives in your area.

also what happened to the other kittens you had mentioned.

sorry ... I may be confusing two different litters ?

Let me know what you need help with okay and I will see if there
is anything I can do for you as far as put you in touch with someone
to help do whatever it is you are looking to do.

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